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November 2020

The team at Evolution Design Agency are super excited to be partnering with BayFM to offer one lucky Geelong business a complete branding and website overhaul, to give them a much needed boost into 2021 valued at $30,000!

We decided to provide this opportunity as another way we can give back to the Geelong business community and support business who have done it tough during the covid pandemic.

The competition began with self nomination process, whereby businesses who believed they were deserving of this incredibly generous prize would let us know ‘why’ they believed they deserved to win! You can read their answers below…

We received an influx of incredible entries and wish everyone could score this incredible prize but, we have narrowed it down to the following 5 Semi Finalists featured below!

And the Finalists are:

Highton Child Care & Development Centre

Child Care centres and Educators have worked hard throughout 2020 to keep our doors open to offer care for essential workers and our families and staff. Highton Child Care & Development Centre is a small privately owned centre which has manages to remain open and keep in staff employed throughout this difficult time.

Little Sirens Kiosk at St. Leonards Pier

As like many others in the region, we have fought our way through everything from bushfires to a pandemic. We are no more worthy than any other business in the area, we do what we do for sense of community rather than profit.

Chef’s Essentials

Chefs Essentials has been operating in Ryrie Street for 21 years. We have never received any grants or help of any kind. We love our business, customers and staff. We have been working harder than ever at the moment. We really need an update for our website & logo. this would give us an amazing boost

Victoria Blinds

We are a local company, employing local people serving the local community and we go above and beyond the make your dreams come true.

Tuckerberry Hill Blueberry Farm

A few years back our cafe burnt to the ground, we rebuilt and last season was our first full season with a cafe which was not enough to recover fully. Then Covid hit and we have lost nearly all of our strawberry season and soon Blueberry season kicks in and we can only hope people can travel to see us as we are a pick your own farm. We still have to tend our fields and crops or we could lose them. We are organic and we hand pick all pests by hand off the bushes so we can offer a quality product. Now all we need is people.

Now it’s over to YOU – Vote for your favourite entry and whoever scores the most votes will win bay’s 30K Business Boost!
<EDIT> The WINNER has been announced: 

Highton Child Care & Development Centre

Congratulations, and we look forward to promoting the winner and launching their new brand in 2021!



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