Why you need to be so clear on your ideal customer

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December 2015

When we meet with a new client one of the first things we ask them is who is their target audience or ideal customer.

Too many times we hear businesses the response “We have something for everyone” “Our target market is everyone” or “We don’t discriminate, we’ll take anyone”. None of these are great answers. You may never turn a client away; but you do have a specific type of client you love to work with.

For us, knowing your target audience is the single most important detail we start with.

Once this is worked out everything else falls into place. Your branding, your website, your content, your marketing strategy and your SEO. All this is easy to produce as you know what appeals to your ideal client, where they spend their time, what other brands they interact with and how they find the information they are looking for.

Now when we say know your customer, we mean REALLY know them, what magazines and websites are they reading, who are they loving on social media at the moment/who are they hating, what keeps them awake at night, what are they earning, what brand clothes are they buying, do they have a family, where do they live, do they drink coffee… and even what do they eat for breakfast. This is not a joke, the more of this information you know the easier it will be for you to find them. You will know who to collaborate with, where to advertise, who to follow, what brand voice to use, what keywords will work.

Why does it matter?

We understand that this can seem like such a mundane task and something that gets put on the to do list never to be finished but we assure you than if you can nail this exercise you will be able to have the most cost effective, targeted marketing strategy around. Your branding will be perfect and your website will make your ideal customer instantly feel they are exactly where they need to be, as they should, you designed it specifically for them!

You actually know WHO you’re speaking to, allowing you to craft messages that speak directly to your target market. They connect with you right away!

If you’re a visual person (like me) it’s great to do a Google search to find a pic of who your Target Market (also known as avatar / buyer persona) might look like, that way when you are speaking to them on social media or in your blog you can visualise them and all they represent.

Your designer or marketer must know from the get-go!

This is the reason why all of our consultations whether it be for marketing strategy, website design, graphic design or workshops will always include this at the beginning. Not only does it help us understand your business better but it also helps us to create the best results possible for your business.

Don’t know who your target audience is? Let’s find out together…

If this is something you are struggling with or need some extra motivation to get going please give us a call and we are happy to discuss it further. We also offer workshops that are done in your workplace with the whole team to help you discover exactly who your ideal customer is and how to best engage with them.


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