Combatting F.O.B.O (Fear Of Becoming Obsolete)

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February 2024

By now, we’ve all heard of F.O.M.O, right? The Fear of Missing Out is now officially part of the English language, being described in the Oxford Dictionary as “Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a Social Media website.”

Move over F.O.M.O, thanks to the rapid development of AI, there is a new fear on the horizon. Make way for F.O.B.O; Fear Of Becoming Obsolete.


What is F.O.B.O?

Unlike F.O.M.O, the new lingo F.O.B.O is not in the dictionary. However, if it was, it might read a little something like this: “The anxiety experienced by workers or businesses who fear that their career will become irrelevant or obsolete due to technological advancements, particularly with the rise of Artificial Intelligence.”

Since 2021, there has been a 7-point spike in the fear-o-eter, with a study showing that 22% of workers fear the advance in technology will render their jobs obsolete.

This is heavily related to the launch of ChatGPT, making it clear it’s no longer just about robots standing in for humans in a warehouse production line. It has now expanded to online programs using sophisticated language-based work to mimic human intelligence, flexing their brainpower.

As individuals, we fear buckling up for this rollercoaster might leave us upside down, despite having the relevant skills and education.

As organisations, we’re afraid that our industries will be disrupted or that our companies are no longer competitive enough to keep up with the cool kids.

With AI technology advancing at break-neck speed, the rising concern and anxiety about becoming a dinosaur in the job world is understandable, (and who wants to be a dinosaur!)

Don’t fret – There are ways we can adapt and ensure we are future ready and not just keeping up with the dance, but leading it.


Combatting F.O.B.O

While F.O.B.O may have raised a few eyebrows, the overall feeling is one full of optimism, especially when it comes to the use of Artificial Intelligence.

By fostering resilient leadership and proactive teamwork, both individuals and organisations can transform uncertainty into opportunity.


Shifting your Mindset

Don’t get spooked! Instead of resisting the use of AI, why not introduce it as your trusty sidekick in your journey of self-redevelopment? Embrace the power of AI and dive in headfirst to explore the world of endless possibilities!

Human skills continue to remain the core ability, however, by embracing AI you will unlock the ability to super-charge your abilities and foster a more productive environment with more impactful results that will be sure to create many “wow” moments.

So, grab your cape and magic wand (or even just your laptop) and arm yourself with the skills to not only understand the generative AI but also help you navigate through times of transformative change for endless potential.


Prioritise Upskilling

 In this rapidly evolving world of technology, it is important for organisations to equip the necessary skills to thrive amidst change.

The secret to conquering this hurdle is simple— continuous learning. By investing in upskilling, you are not only sharpening your skills, but helping to cultivate an agile workforce that evolves in sync with technological change, encouraging an adaptable, resilient, and future ready workforce.

With continuous growth, there is no limit on what you can achieve, so reach even further and for the stars!


So how exactly can I embrace the power of AI in my daily work?

AI applications have extended beyond ChatGPT and have the capability to benefit anyone working in an office.

The benefits of AI can be embraced through a number of areas of a business:

Embracing the Adventure of Tomorrow!

F.O.B.O jitters are both real and warranted. Future change is coming, there is no doubt about that. Change is like the ultimate rollercoaster ride – thrilling, and unpredictable, but it’s time to turn that fear into rocket fuel and buckle up!

It’s time to transform your fear into fuel and embrace change to prepare for the future success and growth of your organisation.

Future-proofing yourself is all about finding that sweet spot where technology and good ol’ human mojo come together in perfect harmony. Remember; AI technology is there to aid, rather than replace. After all, who needs robots when we’ve got our own superpowers?!

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