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August 2019

In our industry we talk about copywriting a lot! But when we talk about it there’s often some confusion. If you’re wanting to make the most of your marketing, it’s crucial to know that copyWRITING is not the same thing as copyRIGHT.

Looking at it logically, copyWRITING is about the production of writing or text, and copyRIGHT is about the rights or legal mumbo jumbo associated with the content.

Content can mean anything from the draft of your next sci-fi thriller novel to the demo track of next hit single. Fun fact, copyright can even protect the drawings your children did on the wall when you weren’t looking…

But what is COPY? That’s when we duplicate something right? Like when I’d copy my friend’s homework back in school? Well no, but you’re on the right track. It’s text that’s written for the “express purpose of being copied or duplicated for mass distribution”. So, when you buy two of the same books because your kids just refuse to share, the text inside is COPY.

The term COPY (at least when referring to text) can mean a couple of different types of text depending on how it’s published and for what purpose.

For the vast majority of printed publishing, such as books, newspapers and magazines, copy refers to the text.

We live in an age where almost everything has a website or social media (if your business doesn’t, give us a call) and these platforms are a vital asset to marketing your brand and connecting with the world outside your office.

The COPY written on your website and social media should be written with the express purpose of influencing the consumer. Everything on these platforms needs to provide your clients (or future clients) with something of value. This is where someone employed as a COPYWRITER comes into the picture.

A COPYWRITER is someone who’s an absolute wordsmith! They know the tricks of the trade to help influence someone from a potential client to a brand loyal customer.

But why can’t I just mimic what someone else has written? Well, it’s not fair to take something that isn’t yours. For example, you wouldn’t be happy if someone stole your car because it’s your asset. Someone’s content (or intellectual property in legal speak) is also their asset, and like your car, is protected by law.

CopyRIGHT law, refers to the legal rights given to a person or a business for the content they’ve created. This means only the original creator can use, sell, COPY or ultimately do whatever they want with the content they’ve created.

In Australia there isn’t even red tape to jump through to ensure your content is protected. As soon as you’ve finished it’s yours by law.

So, your copyWRITING is protected by copyRIGHT law!


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