Do you own your logo?

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November 2018

Far too often we come across business owners who have been wronged (quite often unknowingly) by their current asset provider. Now, in an industry where we predominantly sell intangible products, we realise it is difficult to identify (and hold) ownership of said products. So, who really owns these visual and digital assets?

Think about your logo – do you own it?

Did you assume you owned it just because you paid for it?

Logos, brands, websites, social media accounts and Google accounts are all highly valuable assets to a business and each requires a considerable amount of skill and knowledge to create.

Too often we hear of a designer’s (or agency’s) desire to retain the rights over the logos and designs they create, often including a sneaky line in their fine print saying they are ‘entitled to be credited as the creator of the brand’ wherever it is seen. We also see a lot of cheap, online logo creators selling designs that infringe on existing brands’ copyright. Would you be happy to steal the Disney logo and put your own brand name on it? Although it might only cost you $50, it could end up costing you thousands in legal fees!

When everything is fine and dandy, there is usually no need for alarm and the notion that you may not be the rightful owner of these digital assets isn’t on your radar. However, if there comes a time when things aren’t so fine and dandy and you want to escape from the current provider, and you realise you don’t have usage rights, access to or log in details for accounts or digital assets that are in your name, red flags should start appearing my friend.


How about your website? What are your access privileges?

We believe that if you have paid for a website to be created, you should have the highest-level administrator access (even if you don’t know exactly how to use it). It is yours after all.

The same goes for your website’s optimisation. If you don’t have access to your own Google account and your SEO provider is slightly dodgy, don’t be surprised if all your information, data and paid for work is wiped if you even hint at saying goodbye (you won’t be the first to experience this by unscrupulous providers!).

The list goes on: hosting details, domain log ins……We see all this happening far too frequently, so sorry to our dodgy industry pals, but we are here to shake up your clients’ knowledge and educate them on their rights.

Being the exceptional human’s that we are here at Evolution, we provide not one, but all of these essential services to you, at the highest level, so your business has several high value assets (digital or otherwise) to help you be exceptional at what you do. (It’s our own blog, so we are allowed to toot our own horn as much as we like, okay?)

What you get when you engage the Evolution team:

  • You own full rights to your logo. If you want to credit us because you love the design so much, then we appreciate it, but you’re not legally obligated to do so.
  • You have full administrator access privileges to your website (the highest level access)
  • If you choose to take your services elsewhere, we leave all of your data intact and complete (to not do so would be highly unethical, in our opinion).
  • You have full access and log in details to all the accounts we create on your behalf (but we generally ask you to create the account first, so you would know this already)


If you have concerns about your current assets, our best advice is to request log in details and highest level access to all accounts and digital assets. Keep all your log ins safe and change the passwords regularly to monitor who is using them. We are happy to assist you in navigating this topic with your current provider if you need assistance.

And of course if you want to avoid all of this from the beginning, our doors are open and we are here to help.

Don’t forget – You bought it, so you own it!


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