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February 2019

When I say the word “brand” everyone usually thinks “logo”.

Not to say that answer is wrong, but a brand is so much more. To me, a brand is a company’s appearance in all their communication. A brand incorporates a logo, but it is also the product or service on offer, the graphics used, the words chosen to communicate and the how messages are communicated, just to name a few.

For new businesses, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to building a ‘brand’. It can also be hard for an established business to realise that they haven’t finished creating their brand. So, Evolution has compiled a handy checklist for both parties that lists lots of places your brand could appear. This gives you a great starting point: knowing what you need to create, think about and plan for in your budget.

Our number one tip to creating, or re-building a brand is consistency. If your appearance, your message or your product isn’t represented consistently, your audience will get confused, in turn creating a barrier for engagement and ultimately purchase.

You also need to think about what makes you different, what’s your unique selling point? Customers need to be told why they should buy from you over your competitors or they might make the wrong decision!

If you need some guidance or a professional opinion on your current branding, contact us for a review session where we can take a look at everything and make recommendations to help you grow.

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