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July 2019

You’re on Instagram, you’re posting regularly and you’re getting your brand out there, right!? Well…..to a degree.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform because it is all about visual based content. Nobody has time to read status’ anymore, we just want to be shown things, and shown things fast.

Now, I’m sure you know how to use Instagram (scroll, like, repeat) but do you know how to use it effectively? For businesses, there are lots of extra things you should be doing to optimise your brand and make your content even more accessible.

From organically growing your following, to actually converting sales, our tips and tricks will help you use this expansive social platform in a productive and brand beneficial way. Our tips cover things like actually having a ‘business account’ (no, you don’t have to use your personal one), how to add the right hashtags and how to add links that customers can actually click on.

Currently Instagram is testing a new account type specifically for Content Creators. This is being done to separate businesses from influencers providing each with their own differentiated analytics that will assist in the management of each account type.


When it comes to our Instagram for Businesses list, the most important item is probably #9: Plan your content with a marketing strategy. It’s all fine and dandy to post whatever you like, whenever you like but, designing your feed ahead of time will give you space to actually think about what your audience would like to see and what you want to show them.

There are apps that can help you with scheduling posts for later, and we highly recommend you use one. This way each and every post has been carefully thought about and you don’t have to post willy-nilly at the last minute, with spelling mistakes and incorrect hashtags (also, on a side note – look up your hashtag before you use it…there are a lot of double meanings out there people! You don’t want to accidentally link to an innocent marijuana tag or something else that is totally off brand.)

Download our list of Instagram tips and tricks here.

Action them one by one and see how your feed is transformed into an attention grabbing (and hopefully money making) machine. If you do need us to help get you started or give you some training, we can certainly do that – just give us a call.


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