At Evolution Design Agency we are transparent about how your final files will be supplied.

We state clearly in our brochures and quotes if/when the source files also known as working files will be included.

For Logo File Supply: In all our standard packages, an assortment of files are supplied, including a range of PNG’s, JPG’s as well as source files Adobe Illustrator (AI or EPS) and PDF’s. The PDF files are infinitely scalable which means they can be printed or produced at infinite size while maintaining 100% clarity, they are the highest quality files in the world and this is the standard in which we supply logo files.

For Document File Supply: Like the majority of design professionals in our industry we generally provide Press-ready PDF’s. The working files Adobe Illustrator (AI or EPS), InDesign files for example are not included in the deliverables unless specifically stated in your quote.

Why aren’t source files always included in deliverables?

For Logo File Supply: When providing logo files we provide the Adobe Illustrator file as well as transfer full usage rights and ownership upon final payment being received. Note: If we have supplied you with a range of concepts to choose from, the client ONLY has the right to use the concept that becomes the final product. All the other concepts and drafts developed in the process to create the final piece are the designers’ Intellectual Property (IP).

For Document File Supply: When providing you with design files for projects other than logos, it is not standard practice to supply the source files such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign files. These are not included in the deliverables unless initially requested and quoted in your project.

The main reasons for this are:

  • Your designs become our portfolio pieces and if unprofessionally edited versions of them exist, this misrepresents of our work.


Can I have the source files or editable files?

For Logo File Supply: Yes, as quoted and described in our brochures you’ll receive source files of your final approved design upon full payment being received.

For Document File Supply:

A). If the supply of editable files is requested prior to quoting:

We will ensure we use a software program that is accessible and available to the client such as Word as opposed to a design program such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign software. However expectations should be managed in these instances as the designer will be limited in their quality of work and application of creativity as Microsoft software is not designed for professional design. We also cannot guarantee the placement of elements on the page will remain as intended during the process of saving on our end and opening on yours.

B). If the supply of editable files is requested after the design has been completed:

Yes you can purchase the source files at additional cost. Keeping in mind that at this time, the design has been completed and the choice of software used to create it was based on the professionals decision, most likely Adobe software. The supply of software and the font licensing is the Clients responsibility. These source files will be provided as per industry standards, source files prices begin at 3x the final design price. That’s the cost of the execution of a project, multiplied by 3, (300% of the total cost of the job).

The following cannot be supplied under any circumstances:

  • It is illegal to share licensed fonts and/or font licences.
  • It is illegal to share licensed images and/or image licences.


What if I don’t want to pay for them?

It is also illegal to edit our work without or expressed permission to do so.

While there are a multitude of reasons why it is best for us, and best for our Clients if source files remain our property, we appreciate they may be required on occasion. Therefore this policy is here to protect our team and Clients alike.

Please direct any questions to our our Director:

Lisa Hein
03 5222 3328