Finding connection in 2020

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August 2020

Humans search for connection and a sense of belonging their entire lives. Particularly in the world of social media, there are more opportunities for us to fulfil our sense of belonging and find our tribe far and wide around the globe, opening up our minds to connections never before possible. This year more than ever,  these opportunities are bringing communities together and being used to action change (#womensupportingwomen, #blacklivesmatter).

We wanted you to know, that with everything that dear old 2020 has thrown at us, it’s perfectly ok to be feeling a shift in your core and what you believe in, and be in search of new, more meaningful connections that give you renewed purpose (kinda like a new year’s resolution, but better). You’re not alone.


When we connect with like-minded people, brands and communities, we are often unconsciously (or purposefully) aligning with their ‘why’. Delving down, understanding and really nailing why you do what you do, as a brand and as a human, is an important step towards being able to create those oh so wonderful connections. This type of ‘why’ bond is often only possible when a few key elements come together: trust, authenticity and story. This could be found in a socially savvy vegan footwear company you follow on the ‘gram who show their awe-inspiring actions towards re-habilitating turtle friendly coast lines, who genuinely align with your passion for leading an environmentally friendly, turtle loving life.

Here at Evolution, we truly believe that our purpose as an agency is to inspire the evolution of your business. Embracing and acting on this foundation statement, not only gives us that warm fuzzy feeling, but allows us to enter working relationships and make connections with business owners who truly want to creating lasting change and engage with their customers on a new level.


So, here is us delivering on our why – to inspire your evolution – and today, we are giving you some totally awesome tools to support you on your journey to true connection.

If you are presented with an opportunity to re-evaluate your why, feel you’ve lost connection with your purpose or you’re searching for some like-minded communities to be part of, there are some amazing people, profiles and resources doing amazing things (cue love heart eyes emoji) that we have been drawing on recently to give us inspiration. We wanted to share these with you in case you need a little something to get you through today feeling better, more empowered and better aligned with your inner purpose, as both a brand and a real life, wrinkles and all person.

If you have any amazing resources you look to for inspiration, we’d love to see them so please share with us!

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