Your new website is almost ready for the world to see!

We always recommend that our clients host their website and domain name with us as well. This way, if anything goes wrong – you know who to call and we will have the ability to access and resolve your issues immediately by us, without you having to phone call centres and lodge support tickets.

As part of the process your emails will be backed-up and transferred over to the new hosting space. Our team will organise a mutually agreeable time with you to access your device(s) to set up your emails, as changes will need to be made once they have moved from your original host to the new hosting space.


Ready to take your website live? Let’s do it!

We know that this can be a little confusing so rest assured we are here with you every step of the way, to ensure a smooth transition an Evolution Design Agency team member will go through this questionnaire with you via phone or Zoom to make sure we have all the boxes ticked ready for lift off!