We recommend your domain names, web hosting and emails are managed by one agency. Complications generally arise when a Client has multiple providers. Our wholesaler GravIT is a company we’ve partnered with for over 10 years. We have access to a management console so we can actively monitor and manage clients domain and hosting services directly.

Before you get started, you can review our hosting packages here. Once you’ve selected the most suitable package you’re all set! If you’re not sure which is best for you, please contact our team to ask on 03 5222 3328 or hello@evolutiondesign.com.au

If you have any existing domain name(s) with any other providers, we can also transfer all your domain names over to our console and manage them for you via our wholesaler GravIT’s console so our dedicated staff can manage them on your behalf. This way, if tech issues arise we’ve got it sorted! We will contact you to request these details once your Hosting order is underway.

This service includes:

  • Complete facilitation of the transfer,
  • Transfer of any email addresses associated with the account
  • Set up of any new email addresses you may require
  • Facilitating the set up of emails on your devices for easy access
  • Connect your hosting package to your domain name,
  • Creating any email address redirects of forwarders, if/where required

We would require the following information from you to transfer hosting to us: