How to make an impact, as a small business owner

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January 2022

Small business owners are faced with solving new challenges every single day. Whether it’s a burst water pipe or an employee going into isolation, (and it’s only Monday!) you must be a quick on-your-feet thinker.

Although these particular examples might have clear-cut resolutions, as the world becomes more and more digitally connected, there are larger problems that you can only solve by asking yourself the hard – difficult to answer, and even more difficult to action – questions.

So, this week while we, ourselves, navigate through the latest round of challenges to solve, we thought we’d share the hard-to-answer questions we’ve been asking ourselves that ensure Evolution makes a positive impact on our clients, team members, and the wider community.



In an environment where adapting and pivoting are now all-to-common additions to our business vocabulary, they are also essential cornerstones to keeping your doors open and customers returning right now. As a result, business owners are becoming better problem solvers, more agile in responses, and increasingly able to embrace change.

Embracing change and making an impact go hand in hand. Some of the most impactful and innovative products, solutions, and services come from leaders asking themselves difficult to answer questions about the challenges their customers face.

Take BMW for example….their latest electric concept car features colour changing technology on its outer facing panels. Not only is this for drivers to reflect the mood they might be in, but it also has great benefits in solving the problem of the car’s previously limited battery life by extending the electric charge distance of the car. Changing the panels to white will reflect more heat in summer and changing the panels to black will absorb more heat in the winter – what innovative, problem-solving tech!



Right now, we know that you are being asked to solve an infinite number of problems: by your employees, your customers, your industry, your values, your wider community, and quite frankly, the world.

So, rather than solving everything at once, make sure you’re asking yourself the right questions:

  • What are you willing to let go of as the world re-opens?
  • What inspires you about the problem you’re solving with your products or services?
  • How can you go above and beyond and advocate for others?
  • How can you acknowledge and celebrate others in your industry?
  • How much are you willing to switch up your processes to generate more interesting products or services?
  • How can you enjoy the process AND do what is necessary to achieve your goals?

There are no right or wrong answers here, take some time to think deeply about these questions – let your mind wander and come back to them, or even pitch them to your team. You might be surprised by the answers that pop up!

The aim is to embrace this period of time when it’s okay (and almost expected) to change course and bring about positive change to not only your own business but the industry you’re in. You never know, maybe the challenge you’re solving is bigger than just you – why not strive as a collective industry to make a central issue better?

This is just the beginning of the conversation – how can you keep it going?



Being a small business owner in such a content abundant, sensitive, and ‘new territory’ world we find ourselves in, we understand how it can quickly become all too overwhelming and you just want to check out, turn your phone off and run away to a secluded beach where no one can find you (been there!).

You’re not alone! But we live in such an inspiring and newly aware world where literally anything is possible. So, we invite you to start thinking more like your customers and solve their future problems.


Written by: Emily Shields  /  Inspired by:  /  image credits: Dezeen, Unsplash

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