Is perfectionism killing your business? 

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August 2018

Many small businesses owners acknowledge their inner perfectionist and others are just in plain denial about their OCD habits. And while it’s all well and good to think ‘you’ve got this’ and every detail MUST BE PERFECT, why not embrace your inner child and get excited about making business mistakes.

Think about what you are most afraid of. Is it…

  • Making mistakes?
  • Being too late to the party, (or being the first one there and having to make small talk with your friend’s hippy aunty?)
  • Talking yourself up and sharing your amazing business idea with anyone who will listen?

As a small business owner, you have to do all of these things, and more, if you want to move forward and grow.

The big hairy-scary thing that you know you should be doing, or could be doing to improve your business, but you’re not doing it, could be:

  • Facebook Marketing or Advertising
  • Networking with other local businesses
  • Showing the face behind your brand through Photos and Videos

Take a moment to think about what would happen if you took the leap and just gave one of these a go. Would it be a mistake? Who knows. Would it be perfect? Hell no!

But, does anyone expect it to be perfect? Nope.

Funnily enough, we are all human, and imperfection can be one of our most attractive qualities (closely followed by smelling delicious) so it makes sense that we often feel an instant connection with people who show their imperfections and vulnerability.

Why? Because you can relate to them!

So when it comes to marketing and put yourself (and business) out there…whatever it is that you’re scared of doing… Why not just do it? Give it a go.  Who cares if you don’t do it perfectly, just do it in your own imperfect, genuine and authentic way. Small businesses can’t let fear of failure or fear of imperfection hold them back, because they’d never move forward without it. Practise makes perfect! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Yes, I can tell you now that you will be judged, there is no doubt about it. People may hate what you’ve done, but who cares – others will love it. And the ones who love it need you to step up and do it now. Get up of your fear chair, connect with people and do it for everyone who loves what your offering and how you’re offering it!

Think about the consequences of not doing this big scary mordacious thing…  now that could be an even bigger business mistake!

Don’t let perfectionism kill your business.



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