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February 2018

As of July 2018, the necessity for being ‘secure’ online is something that will affect all internet users, it’s no longer something we can overlook. There is a new change that is going to affect all website owners and all website visitors! Google has recently announced that from July, web browser Chrome will now be letting you know when you’re visiting a site that isn’t certifiably secure.

The protection of personal information is constantly being updated and this feature is Google’s latest roadblock for those suspect sites parading as ‘safe’ places to be, in an attempt to create a ‘safer web for everyone’. In the process they hope to highlight the right safety indicators, forcing those who are the real deal to step up and certify that they are providing a secure connection to their site.

How do I know if a website is secure?

If you can see a little padlock symbol in the address bar click on it and information regarding the sites security will appear. If there is no little padlock symbol in the address bar, chances are the site is not secure. Visitors will be warned the site is unsafe / unsecure when they arrive on the site if they are using Chrome to browse the web. While Chrome leads the way, chances are other browsers will soon catch up.

Website addresses beginning with ‘HTTPS’ signify that the site you’re visiting is a safe and secure site to be on. Organisations that haven’t made the leap from plain old ‘HTTP’ and committed to adding the all empowering ‘S’ on the end, with this update, will be called out with a big red ‘not secure’ warning in the address bar of their site – red’s not everyone’s colour, you know.

How do I join the S-Club? (no 7 here)

Becoming part of the newest ‘it’ club is not as hard as you might think. Yes, it involves investing in a fancy SSL certificate, but it gives your customers the peace of mind about using your website. And no scary red warning signs popping up to encourage visitors to abort their visit to your site.

If you are running an online shop, or a membership based site, this safety upgrade is especially important for you now because you are asking your users to hand over their personal information. Wouldn’t you want to know if the connection to a site is secure before plugging in your top-secret password (that you use for absolutely everything you log in to…more on that no-no at a later date). I know we like to know all our online shopping is secure.

No SSL Certificate = No website visitors

Don’t let this change affect you. Order your SSL certificate today and maintain your site visitors. Graduate from plain old HTTP to the new and shiny HTTPS. Request an SSL for your website here and Evolution will take care of everything for you.

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Note: For all you responsible website owners, an SSL Certificate is $66per year including GST, this includes us installing and redirecting all your http pages to https pages. We will email you with an invoice and conformation it’s all been installed successfully!

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