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November 2017


Small businesses, much like middle children, often get overlooked at crucial times but, unlike middle children, small businesses can be damaged because of it.

This year, the pocket rocket team here at Evolution have decided that it’s the year of the small business – it’s time to make your business shine by giving it the gift of expertise. We have compiled a list of dream items every small business should wish for, and this year might actually get!

1. A logo that properly reflects my business

Because purple stars don’t really go with financial advice.


2. Website Refresh (or complete redesign)

It’s the digital age and if you’re not in 2015 (at least) then you’ve got problems.


3. Social Media makeover

It’s the place to be seen, liked and shared. Make sure it looks spectacular.


4. Business cards I actually want to hand out

Phone numbers on napkins are great, but I don’t think potential business partners want that kind of call…..


5. More real customers visiting my website

You know people are visiting your site, but why aren’t they making a purchase or getting in contact with you?

So, instead of worrying what your husband might think if you put something non-diamond related on your Christmas list this year, why not create a real list for your businesses and let’s see how we can help tick those items off.

Book a time with an Evolution expert in the new year to get started and keep your goals on track.

Let’s get this done! Contact us today

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