One of the Biggest Business Tips I Can Give Is…

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September 2014

Over the last 14 years in business, I’ve had many friends who own their own business’ ask me for advice. From what to name their business right through to designing their marketing collateral to tips on how to grow their business.

I’d catch up for coffee’s and share my knowledge and would really get a buzz after seeing them put the tips I’d shared into practice.

One of the biggest tips I can give is to join a business network. I joined Bellarine Business Women in August 2011 when it first began. Over the last 3 years it has been a great source of growth for myself personally and for Evolution Design Agency.

Not only is it great to connect with like-minded business women, bounce ideas around, share challenges and celebrate success, I’d also found many of its members become clients (and vice-versa).

A year later in 2012 I joined Bellarine Business Women’s ‘Business Circle’ a Business Development program lead by Sarah Valentine.

Business Circle has been a valuable source of motivation, education and support. Together with Sarah at the helm we are part of a dynamic and motivational group. This group has inspired my growth both personally and professionally.

In June this year I was contacted by the Digital Enterprise program and asked if I’d like to become a Business Mentor. This is a Government funded initiative for which I provide Business Mentoring to business owners throughout Geelong and the Surfcoast region, to improve their online presence and skills. To me, even being offered this role demonstrated that I was a market leader in the services I offer and honestly don’t believe I could have done this without the support I received from the Business Circle and connections I’d made within Bellarine Business Women.

So my advice; find a Business Development coach or at least join a network and remember ‘you get out what you put in!’

Business Circle

If you’d like more information please get in touch, or leave a comment below I would like to hear from you.


Thanks-for Reading-Lisa

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One of the Biggest Business Tips I Can Give Is…

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