Website, Hosting, Emails and Domain services should all be managed by one provider.

Having everything in one place means, if there is an issue, the buck stops here!

If there is an issue related to your website, emails, or SSL, having multiple providers will delay solving such issues. It can be unclear what the issue is, or who is responsible for resolving it, especially if different components of your website are with different providers. How will you know who to contact?

If your site is not accessible (offline) and you contact us to resolve it and we discover the issue is related to a service you have with another provider we will invoice for the time spent at our standard hourly rate. We are not responsible for resolving issues or managing the services you have with other providers. We will not request access to, or log into your account with other providers. If settings need to be changed we will provide advice. If you request we liaise with your 3rd party provider via email or phone to discuss potential issues, provide advice or instructions this will be at our standard hourly rate.


Who is our wholesaler?

Our wholesaler for domain names, web and email hosting and SSL certificates is GravIT. They are a Geelong Company. Your website and emails will be hosted in their Melbourne-Based data centre, your websites will be served with the best possible speed and have the best possible uptime. They don’t rent 3rd party infrastructure, they own and maintain it themselves. You can be confident in receiving high quality service. At Evolution we will never on-sell inferior services, nor do we receive affiliate commissions.

GravIT are a Geelong based company with 24/7 support the team at Evolution have full access to all settings via our own console so we have the ability to solve issues for you, which would not be the case if your hosted elsewhere, you would be responsible for providing access credentials and any communication with your hosting provider if/when an issues arises. This applies for Domains registered with providers other than GravIT too.

After hours: Website, hosting or email related issues: If you experience technical difficulties outside business hours please phone 03 5222 3328 and leave a message. We are notified immediately if a message is received and the after hours on duty technician will contact you if the matter is urgent. 


Domains are cheaper elsewhere, why?

The domain fees are an all inclusive fee for 2 years, which includes:

  • Registration fee for two years,
  • Complete Domain Management Service,
  • Connecting the domain name to your website,
  • Connecting the domain name to your hosting package,
  • Creating any URL address redirects of forwarders, if/where required,
  • Updating DNS Records if/when required (related to email settings, Microsoft 365, hosting, e-marketing and website).

If we don’t manage your domain please keep in mind that any tasks listed in the above dot points would be your (and/or your service providers) responsibility. We are not responsible for managing the services you have with other providers.


If you have multiple providers for your services, here are some potential issues you may experience and some solutions:

Issue: If your domain provider performs updates to settings related to your domain (DNS) and doesn’t inform you (or us) your emails may stop working:

  • Solution: Contact your domain provider to ask what the SPF records are and what they should accept. Request that if they make any changes in future, they must inform you. Then if/when they do inform you of changes, you must pass that information on to us. Otherwise your emails may stop working. This is a particular issue with large domain resellers who don’t inform their customers when they update domain settings.

Issue: Emails from your website’s contact form may be rejected by your hosting provider and may not come through to your inbox:

  • Solution 1: if your website hosting is with us, but domain and/or email hosting are elsewhere:
    Contact your domain provider to ask that they update the SPF records to accept:“” this should resolve the issue.
  • Solution 2: if your website hosting and domain are with us, but your emails are elsewhere:
    Contact your email provider to ask what the SPF record should accept and forward to us, we will update the Domain (DNS) Settings.
  • Solution 3: if you have emails via Microsoft 365:
    Contact your Office 365 administrator to check the Office 365 spam filter (different to the junk box).


It actually works out cheaper, and easier to keep everything together!