If you have not applied for and paid for the .au domain name by 20 September 2022 it is open to the public to register.

To determine if there are others that may try to claim the .au of your .com.au, net.au, etc domain name you can use the following tool

If there aren’t any others listed or you own all of the variations and you apply for priority registration, you should qualify to own the .au domain.

If there are others, you may be in competition with those other owners for the .au.

For example, if different people own each of these:

  • sampledomain.net.au
  • sampledomain.com.au
  • sampledomain.org.au
  • sampledomain.edu.au

And each one wants the .au domain, the following applies:

  • If only one person that has owned one of those domains before Feb 4, 2018 (Category 1) and they apply for Priority Status, they will get the .au.
  • If there are multiple people that have owned their domain before Feb 4, 2018, applicants have to agree who gets it or it remains reserved indefinitely until only a single applicant remains.
  • If there are only people that have domains registered after Feb 4, 2018 (Category 2), whichever domain has earliest creation date will get the .au domain.  When a domain is transferred between registrants or registrars, the creation date remains the same. If a name expires and is purged from the registry and then re-registered, the creation date will be the date it was re-registered.

To register visit: https://evolutiondesign.com.au/au-domain-registration/