Why remarketing is the fastest growing form of digital marketing

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May 2016

Have you ever visited a website and then seen ads for that company’s website here, there and everywhere you look online?

That is what remarketing is.

Digital advertising has long been promoted as a cheaper, more measurable form of marketing. Unfortunately in some spaces Google AdWords can be starting at over $50 per click which prices many businesses out of the market so alternatives are being sought.

Two of the most popular forms of online advertising are Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising. Although many people are very anti Facebook advertising due to the golden era of free traffic.

Google AdWords has often been classed as a warm lead due to people physically searching for your product whereas Facebook ads are classed more as a cool lead as you are appearing in people’s newsfeed that may be interested in you rather than actually searching for you. In comparison to Google AdWords your dollar goes much further with Facebook Ads.

Before we discuss why many marketers are moving to remarketing campaigns we will first explain a little more about what it is and how it works.

A remarketing campaign allows you to show a specific ad to a person that has visited your website in the last 540 days. Just like installing the Google Analytics code in the back end of your website, you install a remarketing code into your website.

The easiest way to do this is to ask your web developer to do it although with a bit of knowledge and some YouTube tutorials you might be able to do this yourself.

Once this is done you can use either Google AdWords or Facebook Ads console to set up the “lists” you want to market to.

These lists can be at varying time intervals such as visited your page in last 30 days, 60 day, 90 days etc. You can also target only those who purchased or didn’t purchase or those who went to a certain page on your website as well as a completely unrelated website ie: your competitor or complimentary product/service.

What’s so great about it?

The reason marketers love this form of marketing is not only because it is very cost effective but because it allows for so much qualifying information to be entered, right down to the breakfast cereal they eat or the magazines they read. Finally we get to see real results and ROI (return on investment) on targeting our specific ideal customer. The other bonus is we get to talk to people that are already interested in our product or service or are at least familiar with our website.

Each of us has over 200,000 data points saved within Facebook and as marketers we can utilise this information to ensure we are giving potential clients the information they want. Rather than having one generic ad we now have the ability to have numerous ads depending on where people visited on our site.

Some of the tracking points to create ads around could be:

  • Abandoned carts
  • Contact Us page
  • Purchase of certain cheaper product
  • Download of a free guide
  • Visit to services page
  • Visit to About Us page

So as you can see businesses now have the keys to our potential clients front doors and as a result of this, it is up to us to provide quality information that is useful and not intrusive. As a consumer it allows for greater control over what we purchase and shows us opportunities we may never have thought of.

As the world of digital marketing evolves our ability to create custom campaigns for individual clients increases. It is exciting times for anyone working in this space or businesses dipping their toe in the advertising world.

It is a very exciting time to trial digital marketing and with a budget of as little as $10 per day for Facebook Ads, everyone has the opportunity to experience results.

Please note: If the thought of having all your actions online tracked gives you the creeps you can always delete cookies and this will remove your details from any website remarketing lists.

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