Social Apocalypse 101: When Zombies are following you

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May 2019

Do you ever get the feeling you have Zombies following you? That’s because you most likely do! Social media Zombies of course; a series of so called “Bots” following your social media accounts…and guess what? They’re fake, and are only out to catch you.

It seems our primary focus on social media is getting as many followers as possible, as many likes as possible, and any kind of interactive engagement we can.

But let me tell you… these “Zombie Bot Strangers” are DEFINITELY NOT your answer.

Of course, not all of us invite these Bots to follow us – but some of us do. We have the ability to buy “followers” to make us look credible, build brand awareness, and at the end of the day drive traffic to our websites. However, if people delve a little further into your followers, they’ll soon realise these followers are fake ‘bot’ accounts, which will really hurt your credibility, your brand, and won’t drive any traffic to your website. Fraud alert anyone?

In a world where we are extremely connected, are we also extremely disconnected from one another? Often your ‘Bot’ followers result in alienating your real followers and connections. Once you’ve bought these followers, there’s a risk that they may use your account to spam you AND your genuine followers, with constant advertising (aka spam, spam spam!). Don’t risk losing your real followers.

There are also companies that claim they can find “real” followers on your behalf.

Here’s one to look out for:


Their website states they will “Take your Instagram to the next level!” All you have to do it let them manage your Instagram account (ummm scary!), and you will get “real” Instagram likes and followers that are “genuinely in love with your profile”. I don’t think so! Sounds like social media suicide to me.

Think twice about your own social media manager, do any of these tactics sound familiar? Are you hearing a CODE RED alert? …it will only end in an apocalypse (think of those Zombie Bots!).

OR, (of course!) ask Ours Truly to manage your account, because hopefully by now you can see we are NOT in the business of connecting you with the Zombie Bots and taking your money.

Remember, the real followers we want to attract are your ideal customers! They are consistent, REAL (!), and we definitely won’t find them within a sea of Zombie Bots.

Social networks are constantly sweeping their platforms looking to delete these fake accounts. Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner lost roughly 2.5 million followers in a matter of seconds from this sweep. DEVASTATING!  (Of course…she still had around 120million followers).

But these were just fake followers, only causing a spam build up in all of our news feeds (because yes…we all follow Kylie Jenner).

This “sweep” resulted in a new hashtag announced by Instagram to….#savemyaccount2019. Instagram influencers took to the platform using this hashtag in order to save their accounts. However, the post was only found out to be a fake, bots were still deleted, and Instagram was a happier place after it (except for those who were devastated because they lost so many bots…I mean “followers”).

But let this be a lesson.

Don’t forget the power of genuine organic reach. Even without these bots, we have the ability to reach the world wide web. Start with the basics. Think about your “real life” connections. Your friends, your friends of friends, your family, your business connections. You want quality followers. The ones who will genuinely support you and your business.

So what to learn from this? Delete the bots from your followers list. Don’t pay for followers. Engage with your real followers. And lastly; don’t be a fraud, people won’t like you if you’re a fraud.

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