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November 2019

The world of Social Media Management and Digital Marketing is continuously growing and changing, now becoming one of the most effective ways to grow a business, no matter what industry or size.

What is Digital Marketing you may ask? It’s simple really, the act of driving brand awareness and lead generation through all digital channels – both free and paid – that are at a company’s disposal. Think social media, a company’s own website, email, search engine rankings, Google advertising or a company’s blog.

(If the thought of managing a social media account is just way too much for you, that’s ok, our team can help – read on!)

Through the use of Google and Social Media Advertising, we can take your business to the next level. First, we meet to chat about what your goals are, we look at competitors are doing, what your customers are typing into Google (you would be surprised what people actually search for!) and how your social media followers are interacting with your content.

Creating a prominent online presence can be the key for a business to be successful. We love (I mean really love) social media. At Evolution, half of the team are millennials, having grown up with social media and phones being permanently attached to our hands, we know social media like the back of our hand.

We manage a number of social media accounts for a range of industries from construction, business services, wealth and finance through to retail and non-for-profit based social media accounts. We are able to create flawless, consistent and engaging Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, something we love and take great pride in. Nothing pleases us more than seeing a beautiful Instagram feed or a perfectly crafted blog post, that actually drives customers to pick up the phone, contact you or, book in, or buy!

Don’t be fooled though, Social Media Management and Digital Marketing isn’t just putting together a bunch of pretty pictures and posting them online, there is a real science behind it!

When taking on a new client, we delve deep into their existing accounts, looking at the type of followers they are attracting, how consistent their posting is, what time they are posting (yes, this is super important), what type of hashtags they include in their posts and so much more! Did you know that Wednesday is the best day to post to Facebook and Instagram? Or that the number of hashtags you include in a post can make a huge difference? No, don’t stress, that’s what we are here for! Our Digital Marketing team are equipped with years of experience and have each obtained their Google Ads accreditation certificates. So you can be assured, we know what I’m talking about. Josh, our resident Web Developer also holds his certificate, so you know you’re in good hands at Evolution.

Creating a perfect Instagram or Facebook feed is one thing, but paid advertising, be that Google Ads or Social Media Ads, is a whole different story! I’m sure you’ve noticed an ad or two coming up when you do a Google search. Well, they don’t magically appear, they are carefully researched, written and set to appear when you type in a particular keyword or phrase and you guessed it, we also create these for our clients too!

Google Ads was created to allow you to create online ads to reach audiences that are interested in the products and services your business offers. Social Media advertising works in a similar way, by using what you and your friends interact with online to determine what you might be interested in and display ads in your timeline accordingly. Although you may think your phone is listening to you, we’re not here to confirm or dispute that, but we will say it is more likely that it has just noted what you or your friends have searched, ‘liked’ or commented on recently and founds ads that relate.

At Evolution we recognise you’re great at doing what you do, so while I’m sure you know how great a social media strategy can be for your business, you quite likely don’t have the time or inclination to make it a success, am I right? So, leave it to us, come in for a chat and we will show you how we can transform your social media presence and really begin to ramp up your audience, gain some brand awareness and sales leads for your business.

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