Socially speaking; Content may be King, but engagement is Queen!

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December 2014

In any successful relationship, the King serves his Queen. You know the saying: Happy wife, happy life? Well, now let’s take this logic and apply it to social media.

No doubt you’ll have seen a lot of ‘expert’ social marketers using the tag line “Content is king” a lot! Well I am here to tell you content may be King, but engagement is Queen.

Just like an admired King protects and serves his Queen, your content must serve your audience and attract them so much that they engage with you.

After all, any marketing is done to either drive profitable customer action (usually sales) or brand awareness; if we are not getting engagement we are failing.

When your audience engages on (likes, comments or shares) your post, your post will then reach a wider audience. It will have a greater chance of organically (without paying) showing up in the friend’s feeds of those who have engaged with your post.

Hence the idea that engagement is queen! But you probably already know this, without realizing it. Have you set up a Facebook page for your business and posted content to serve your audience and found that you’re not getting the engagement (likes, comments, shares) that you’d hoped for? If so, you’re not alone!

Let’s think about the what ‘Content is King’ really means… It suggests that if you post heaps of content onto Facebook you’re rocking it, it’s awesome, and you’re doing well, right? How does this content that you’re publishing serve your audience or your business? What does it really achieve? It shows your business is active; it shows you’re giving Facebook a go, which are both great things… but is it getting you engagement (likes, comments, shares)? And are those likes, comments and shares resulting in leads?

I guess it’s a bit like throwing a fishing line into the water and not getting any bites. When I mentor clients and provide Social Media Strategy Training – this is usually the point they are at. They are giving it a go but it’s not resulting in profitable customer action and they feel totally stuck.

So, how do we connect and engage with our audience? Social media is just that; ‘social’ media. Think about it, it’s were we all go to connect and be inspired by others. We don’t go there to be bombarded by advertising, we get that enough in our day to day lives, TV, radio, in our mailboxes…

Rather than flogging your wares (so to speak) – telling the world you’re a rock star on social media, making it all about your products and services and expecting a miraculous increase in sales – think of social media differently…

Did you know that 14% of consumers trust advertising, whereas 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations?! This makes social media an ideal platform from building your brand and creating those raving fans. We must first position ourselves in the market as a leader in order to create those raving fans.

Allow your audience to draw the conclusion themselves that you are a rock star, by showing them you are here to solve their problem.

The key is to: Post resonating content to inspire, educate and motivate your target market, who will then engage with your social media presence, trust your brand and try you products and services.

In my next blog post I will discuss how to post resonating content to inspire, educate and motivate your target market.

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Thanks-for Reading-Lisa