Digital Marketing Designer

BDes Digital Media Design (Swinburne), Website Design 1 Short Course (RMIT)


Rosie is a talented graphic designer with a particular interest in digital marketing, illustration and animation.

Growing up in Yarrawonga on the Murray River, Rosie dreamed of being a Hollywood filmmaker and producer. After moving to Melbourne, she transitioned into Digital Media Design and began her career as an in-house designer for a Software company, then Senior Graphic Designer at Smiggle. With over 10 years in the industry, Rosie is passionate about creating playful designs and has a knack for bringing those designs to life with animations. She spends a large part of her day creating content for Evolution’s social media clients – tapping into new strategies and churning out ideas.

Making the sea change, Rosie moved to Geelong and joined Evolution in 2021. When she’s not designing, she likes spending time with her family and having a wine with friends.


  • My favourite food is tomato sauce
  • I’m always up for dinner with friends
  • My favourite movie is Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
  • I have Heterochromia, one of my eyes has two different colours. My younger sister has the same thing in the same eye!
  • My biggest achievements are my career and my daughter Georgia.