The Power of Blogging in Business (Part 1) – Why Have a Blog?

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June 2014

The top three things clients often say to me when I ask if they would like a blog on their website are:

So I thought it was fitting that my first blog should be about just that; Blogging!

Having a blog on your website is one of the most powerful tools you can have.

It is a more casual way of informing and sharing information to both current customers and prospective customers without having loads of information on the services pages of your website.

It’s also a great place to share tips and tricks about the products and services you offer. It’s all about giving value to your loyal followers (current customers and prospective customers alike).

Here I will answer the first question about blogging…

Why have a blog?

Evolution Design Agency SEO Search Engine OptimisationA blog will assist you with your Google rankings.

Most importantly, Google loves fresh content! The more often you update your website (add or edit it), the better! This regular updating demonstrates to Google that you are an active business, and over time will increasing your ranking accordingly. Regular blogging is the perfect way to add fresh content to your website.

Blogging also assists you in reaching a wider audience through it’s content. The keywords and phrases contained within your blog should relate to the products or services you provide. It is essentially another page on your website that will show up in Google search results when web users search for keywords or phrases relating to your services.

When writing your blog it’s important that you consider what those keywords or phrases are that web users will be typing into Google to find you or you can use a keyword tool to determine just what those words are for your industry.

Becoming an expertAuthority: Those searching Google for your services are looking for an expert.

If you’re blogging on topics relating to the products or services you provide and sharing your expert knowledge you are positioning yourself in the market as an expert in your field. After all if you had wool carpet in your home and had spent a fortune on it you wouldn’t want just any carpet cleaner to clean it for you, you would want an expert.

Needless to say, once you’re seen as an expert in your field you won’t need to focus so much on being as competitive on price. Your focus can then be on increasing the education and value of the products and services you provide.

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