The Power of Blogging in Business (Part 2) – Finding Time to Blog

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July 2014

I began the Power of Blogging in Business series back in June with The Power of Blogging in Business (Part 1) – Why have a blog? where I mentioned the top three things clients often say to me when I ask if they would like a blog on their website:

Today I’ll provide some ideas on how to overcome the “I don’t have time to blog” concern.

Not having the time to blog is probably the most common concern for clients when considering if they should start a blog. It’s important that if you do have a blog – make sure it is active, and that you’re blogging regularly otherwise visitors to your site may get concerned that your business is no longer active.

Here are some time saving tips when it comes to blogging:

blog-schedulingSchedule your blog posts.
WordPress has a feature which enables you to save blog posts on your site (so only you can see them) and it publishes them to the public on the date you set.

You could write a whole six months’ worth of blogs in just one day and have them automatically set to publish on the monthly basis. Creating the illusion that you are an active blogger 😉

As a business owner we can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of tasks we are responsible for. Another staff member may really enjoy writing the blogs for you.

Another option is outsourcing the blogging to an SEO agency. It is best you do it yourself after all you know your businesses products and services better than anyone but if you really are strapped for time SEO companies will be more than happy to complete this task for you, you may even choose to put you own personal touch on it before publishing to the public.

Take voice recordings
Whenever the inspiration or idea for a reat blog post comes to mind rather than searching for a pen and paper or tapping away on the computer keyboard, simply record yourself! Most smart phones these days have a built in voice recorder or download one from the app store. Then you can have a staff member type it up for you or you can do it at a more suitable time

Try a video blog
If you really don’t want to hit the keyboard and resources are stretched try a video blog. With more and more blogs being published daily, bloggers are channels on video sharing websites like YouTube to get more exposure. Make sure you have a message at the end directing viewers to your ewebsite, or to phone or call you (essentially a call-to-action) to encourage a sale conversion.

For more answers on blogging:

For more time saving strategies for both blogging and social media check out our Online Marketing Strategy workshops after completing one of these workshops you’ll have the tools to manage the time to blog, it won’t feel like an overwhelming task, you may even find it fun!

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