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April 2019

As our world surrenders to using acronyms for anything and everything, we want to hit you with a new one: CX. In the design and marketing industries, there are many acronyms ending in X – and they all centralise around ‘experience’.
CX in particular, stands for Customer Experience.

You’ll find that most innovative companies, no matter the industry, are all trying to create smoother processes and interactions not only within their businesses, but with their consumers. Take Sony’s 6 camera phone for example – they are trying to negate the need to carry a separate camera everywhere, without compromising on quality – they’re trying to make the process of taking photo’s easier, quicker and better.

At Evolution, the core of our Customer Experience is recognising it’s all about our clients. What you think, what’s important to you and what you deem to be valuable about our services. It’s not all about us and what we believe – there must be a balance of focus for you to believe in us and see our value.

The goal is to receive a return on your investment, but sometimes it takes time to get to that point. Sometimes you get stuck in between phases and doubt can start to set in.

In our latest review, experience has taught us that regardless of the belief we have in our service, skills or our team we can never assume. Do you want to rank highly on Google under your keywords or do you just want a pretty website? Do you want a logo that speaks directly to your ideal customer or do you just want a pretty graphic?


Our solution – listening is the key to providing our clients with the ultimate Customer Experience.

We are here to make our Client Experience easy and offer as much support as you need. Being generous with our time – particularly in the initial stages before your marketing campaign or website begins to achieve exceptional results – is vital.

We learn most by listening. Our skills are constantly evolving and we’re doing all we can to learn and grow as individuals and as a team. We are here to constantly evolve, listen, learn and grow, every single day – a vital process in our industry.

Through our conversations, we set honest, realistic expectations and we share our knowledge but the decisions and goals are ultimately yours. We recognise, every client is different, each with their own needs and expectations. We are fortunate to have open conversations with our clients and discover what they really want.

Ultimately, we are here to listen, and guide you on your journey of evolution. ​

And isn’t that what we all want – to be heard?

You may have done a lot of work on pinning down who your target market is, what you stand for and how to target potential customers, but if you are not seeing return on your investment it’s probably because there is a disconnect between what you think you’re doing and what you are actually doing.

Whilst your business may have a great “this” or a fantastic “that”, when you consider your business and your product or service offering, ​how does “that” provide value to your consumer? You need to provide a valuable experience so they will never think to go elsewhere. It’s a tough question, but one that you must address to achieve and maintain the ultimate Customer Experience.

At Evolution we actively look for experiences to evolve. We recognise some disconnect within our services and work towards moulding a smoother experience from start to finish for our customers. We want our target market to know ‘these guys get it’ when they read our website, scroll through our social media, or talk to us in person. We are shifting our focus to be more empathetic with our customers, talking to ‘you’ directly and bridging that gap of (dis)connection – to improve your experience.

Our CX journey is evolving as we grow and as the world becomes a more ‘experience’ focused place. What can you do to adapt your business and provide a smoother service?

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