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April 2024

Have you ever noticed businesses with multiple logos? You may have engaged with a company via their web page in the past and can easily identify their logo. Then, you find yourself driving down the highway and notice the same business name, with a completely different logo? But hold on, the inconsistencies continue. You begin to notice a different logo on their work uniform, another on social media platforms and even their email signatures.

With mismatched branding, what message is this sending out to potential customers?


Ripple effects of inconsistent branding

Don’t get us wrong, your logo should be out there, and in as many places as possible. (Anywhere, and everywhere!) However, if your marketing is inconsistent, it will look unprofessional and create confusion within your audience. This can be quite damaging to your brand as sending mixed messages will reduce the level of trust you have with your audience. In turn, makes it much more difficult to easily recognise your brand.

Studies have shown that 60% of consumers will actually avoid brands that have a logo they find unappealing or unfamiliar, resulting in a passed opportunity to engage your audience, and potentially making a sale.


Consistency is key

Our number one tip to creating, or re-building a brand has, and always will be consistency.

Having a consistent logo, use of colour palette and tone of voice across all platforms, each contributes to the success of your business and helps to build a strong foundation within your audience. It is your gateway to communicate this message, loud and clear: I am here! I provide high-quality products or services, consistently, and professionally.

Not only will you be building trust within your audience, but you are also creating brand recognition through repetition.

After all, your logo is what gives you that unique touch and separates you from your competitors.


geelong logo design - Where's you logo? Blog by Evolution

Repeat, repeat, repeat

A professionally designed logo is crucial for boosting brand recognition. Your logo is a representation of your brands identity. The more it is shared, the more it becomes more recognisable and trusted within your audience.

Did you know on average it takes 5-7 logo exposures for memory retention? The message here is simple – Utilise your logo! Get your logo out there and create brand repetition. 

If you would like to dive deeper into touchpoints, you may be interested in reading our blog “Turning your touch to Gold”

Don’t worry – We have done the research for you. We’ve included a checklist for you to download to make sure you’re using your logo everywhere possible. And while there are almost certainly more we could add to this list, it will certainly ensure your logo becomes synonymous with your brand, front of mind for your industry and memorable to your audience.

Download your checklist here!


First impressions count

With 75% of people being able to recognise a brand just from their logo and 90% of first impressions of a brand coming from their logo alone, there is absolutely no doubt a professional logo is a powerful tool.

As simple as a logo may seem, it is the first touchpoint customers have with your business. This is why a professional logo design goes beyond just creating a strong visual identity for your brand.

Are you guilty of getting your logo done on the cheap to save a buck? Maybe you’ve taken the DIY option and have selected from a logo gallery.

While these options may promise quick results, you could be limiting your potential, as they will most likely rely on an existing set of design templates which further sacrifices the uniqueness in comparison to one provided by a professional design agency.


geelong logo design - Where's you logo? Blog by Evolution

Is my logo being used to its full potential?

Are you wondering why you’ve been able to use your logo on your letterhead, but when you’ve ordered your uniform, or wrapped your car, its pixilated and unrecognisable? The reason is that you are not using a professionally designed logo.

If you are dealing with a DIY logo, or a logo that has been supplied at low quality, and this could have you facing a number of roadblocks.

  1. It looks unprofessional and inconsistent
  2. Potential copyright issues (find out more by reading our blog “Do you own your logo?” here).
  3. Inadequate logo files

Without a professional logo and adequate files, it will be extremely difficult to maximise the full potential of your logo.

Statistics show that millennials will pay 22% more for products with logos they identify with – So what are you waiting for?


Where to from here?

You may have an existing logo you love and don’t want to change, but don’t have the high-quality files in order to complete our branding checklist. Maybe you would like some guidance on ways you can use your logo to enhance your brands identity – We can help you do this by supplying you with a style guide tailored to your business, providing you variations of your brand colours, logo, and fonts to help build brand consistency.

Your logo may require a few small tweaks to it to sprinkle some of your brand personality. Maybe you’re taking the exciting step into launching a new business and require a complete logo package. Whatever stage you are in, our doors at Evolution are open and we are ready to capture the essence of your business through the creativity of designing your logo.


Don’t settle for a generic logo

Designing and marketing a professional logo to reflect your brand identity doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful.

Evolution are your Geelong Logo Design specialists. We have the team, expertise and services to create your unique logo that sets you apart and leaves a lasting impression.

Call our team on (03) 5222 3328 and let’s chat about giving your logo design that extra completive edge.

 Already have a logo and need stationery? We also organise professional printing! Find out more here or contact us to order.

Signed by Renae

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