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Akras Industries


Website Development & Design

Graphic Design

Project Scope

Akras first engaged with Evolution Design Agency for a website redevelopment as well as the design and development of a range of marketing collateral. Their existing website was outdated and did not effectively communicate or reflect their brand.

As Australia’s leading manufacturer, Akras Industries specialises in crafting custom-built, high-performance metal machinery for the chemical, industrial, medical and food industries. Focusing on fabricating pipework, vessels, spools and tanks in high nickel alloys and exotic metals.

With only five competitors in Australia capable of undertaking this type of work in the manufacturing industry, it was crucial for Evolution to accurately showcase this to the wider community.

Evolutions’ design team completed a logo refinement project and created a diagram to visually communicate the process from concept ideation to fabrication, along with designing promotional flyers.

The marketing team handled copywriting & keyword research for use in marketing materials and a newly developed website.

The new Akras Industries WordPress website was designed by Evolutions’ design team with consideration to the user journey and ‘Solution Focused’ marketing messaging before then being developed by Evolution’s website development team. Ongoing website management, maintenance and support is now provided by our Website Developer Geelong.