Bellarine Catchment Network – Travelling coastal education

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Bellarine Catchment Network


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Project Scope

One cause that is close to the hearts of the Bellarine & Surf Coast locals is protecting and nurturing the sensational natural landscape and ecosystems we call home. With the recent push to increase the global community effort to be kinder to our planet, BCN are making an impact.
The primary challenge faced by BCN is to engage local surf coast communities in a way that brings communities together to protect and manage the natural environment for years to come.

With education at their core, BCN identified an opportunity to create a travelling educational vehicle to increase awareness and further engage communities. Focusing on interactive activities, the Coastal Education Trailer was developed by BCN to engage different community groups in school programs, at community events and out on the road.

While the internal layout was underway, BCN recognised the need to have the external graphics professionally designed to maximise the impact and reach of the initiative and easily flow onto other promotional material for future events.

The Solution

The solution created by Evolution Design involved designing a system that could be applied to a variety of collateral. Knowing we would be handing over the reins to internal staff at BCN to use the designs into the future, we created a layered system that would be adaptable to any application.
The hero images of important animals are the main focal point of each section, with the designs also including colour representations of the different coastal landscapes BCN work to protect.

This relaxed, cross generational design system has had great impact for BCN, with the trailer seen at the local Wreck2Reef Swim and Community Coastcare Day events as well as being used by other local groups for planting days and public information video sessions.
The trailer generates lots of interest and discussion at each event about BCN – who they are and what they do for the landscape – so that more people can get involved.