Burnt Pine Landscaping & Earthworks

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Burnt Pine Landscaping & Earthworks


Graphic Design

Logo & Branding Design

Project Scope

Burnt Pine approached Evolution Design Agency to utilise our graphic design expertise for a logo redesign. Although they had an existing logo, they were looking for a modernised version that would better reflect their comprehensive services. They specifically wanted to retain many of the original elements while adding “Landscaping” to showcase the full extent of their services.

Our team of graphic designers Geelong took on the challenge, carefully preserving the essence of the original design while infusing it with a contemporary feel.

The new logo effectively showcases Burnt Pine’s wide range of services, spanning from landscaping to earthworks, aligning their brand with their diverse capabilities.

In addition to the primary redesign, our graphic design team provided an alternate logo, offering flexibility and versatility in their branding efforts. This project has not only enhanced Burnt Pine’s visual identity but also strengthened their marketing presence.