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Lane Kellys


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Project Scope

Lane Kelly’s (LK’s) is a distinguished name in the world of interior styling, known for crafting exquisite and timeless interiors using meticulously curated fabrics. Their expertise lies in creating superior window furnishings and inspiring interiors that breathe life into living spaces.

When it was time for a website update LK’s turned to Evolution Design Agency for a masterful transformation of their digital presence. The result? A website that seamlessly embodies the elegance and sophistication that LK’s is renowned for.

Our collaboration with LK’s was a harmonious blend of shared passion and vision. Just like LK’s, we at Evolution Design Agency love what we do, and we pour that love into every pixel, every detail, and every line of code. It’s a partnership forged in creativity and dedication.

As we move forward, LK’s and Evolution Design Agency have exciting plans to enhance the website even further. Soon, visitors will have the opportunity to explore and purchase a curated selection of pillows and other soft furnishings through an upcoming online store. This expansion reflects LK’s commitment to providing their clients with not just inspiration but also access to the elements that make their interiors truly exceptional.

Stay tuned as Lane Kelly’s and Evolution Design Agency continue to collaborate and bring the world of exquisite interior styling to your fingertips.