National Nuts & Bolts – Refreshing the industry

Project Details


National Nuts & Bolts


Brand Development

Brand Design

Graphic Design

Signage Concept Design and Art Direction

Project Scope

As a third-generation local institution, National Nuts and Bolts is making bold moves to break through the market noise. They recognised the need for a stand out new brand to kick off the latest generational transition and Evolution were so thrilled to be part of their transformation.

With sensational signage potential their biggest asset, NNB wanted to increase brand awareness and become a nationally specified brand known for product quality. This was the driving factor in creating a brand that was modern and simple, but hard to miss.

The Solution

Building on this inspirational brief Evolution set out to create a brand that is bold and bright. The new designs represented a modern shop with a rich history and stayed away from stereotypical nuts and bolts icons. This allowed Evolution to explore subtle, intricate concepts that hinted at meaning, but shone the light on brand personality.

As the brand launched over early 2022, the NNB building was transformed – emblazoned with the new branding. You can’t drive past without the bold pink on stormy charcoal catching your eye. The brand pattern is also present on their modular packaging system, creating a real sense of brand consistency throughout.

Branding development, branding design, signage concept design and art direction by Evolution (installed by RM Signs).