One Life Financial Services

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One Life Financial Services


Graphic Design

Business Card Design & Printing

Banner Design & Printing

Presentation Template Design

Project Scope

Approachable financial help is highly sought after.

Looking to create better connections to his clients, on a personal and relatable level, Dale from One Life Financial Services enlisted the help of Evolution for Geelong branding design. Expanding the application and use of the existing One Life logo, our team of graphic designers worked their magic on expanding the brand onto different items to build Dale’s brand templates and presence.

Not only did we create some special business cards with a flashy gloss varnish leaf on the front, we also created a PowerPoint presentation template to make Dale’s client presentations professional and easy to follow. The templates allowed him to break his presentation up into distinct sections where we helped him to organise the content into a clear hierarchy to make the most important pieces stand out.