Pod Addiction – Bringing quality local coffee to your morning cup

Project Details


Little Goat Coffee


Logo Design

Poster Design

Packaging Design

Project Scope

With a strong consumer demand for premium coffee products Pod Addiction was created as the capsule offering of Little Goat Coffee. Together, they had the aim of bringing café-style coffee to consumers’ homes, in the form of pod capsules – a booming industry!

An Australian owned and environmentally conscious company, it was important the brand communicated their efforts to protect the environment. At the heart of the brand is the promise to provid quality, fresh and locally roasted coffee in the convenience of a biodegradable, Nespresso compatible pod, for coffee lovers and workplaces in Melbourne.


The Solution

We focused our efforts on targeting a younger audience, with the abbreviate logo based on elements of symmetry and balance. With a vision for maximum impact, the bold block logo is versatile and can be applied to a multitude of mediums without losing its sentiment. Other brand elements include a rustic pattern to cue in the brand’s environmental considerations, which was all brought together on the packaging design.

We used the simple logo and bright two tone colours of each product take the boxes to the next level, catching your eye on the shelves.

Other subtle cues like colour height and a numbering system indicate strength, while the triangles from the logo create flow and connection between the family of products.