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Project Details


Wendy Brooks & Partners / Various brands


Graphic Design

Project Scope

Wendy Brooks & Partners is a strategic fundraiser partner in the not-for-profit sector. Helping organisations reach donors and supporters with effective communications to implement social change.

They strongly believe creating strategic plans based on a unique theory of change and setting clear goals for each client takes fundraising to the next level.

Each theory of change is presented in a Case for Support. This document represents each client in their fundraising initiatives and is sent far and wide to spread awareness. An opportunity was identified to make these documents look professional and be a hero, branded document, each client could be proud to call their own.

Wendy Brooks & Partners approached Evolution with the challenge of efficiently turning out professional documents for a variety of brands on a regular basis.

The Solution

We worked to create a wire frame document template that would be adaptable to different brand cues like colours, fonts, images and graphic elements. Creating a foundation to use each time a new case for support was requested.

This system allowed us to work with brands like Arts Law – Artists in Black, Monkey Baa, Seed Foundation Aus, COTA, Maluk-Timor and many more. We’re grateful to play a small part of the push for social change in these sectors.