Your Google Map might disappear in June

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May 2018

Is your Google Map missing?

On 11 June 2018, Google will be implementing some changes to its Maps platform. If your website is using the Google Maps APIs to show a map, you will need to add billing details for the map to continue to work. Don’t worry though, your credit card will only be charged when you spend over the $200 worth of credit each account is given per month. View the pricing table here.

Google does allow you to embed a map on your website without using the Google Maps APIs. However, this won’t work on mobile responsive websites because it restricts the size settings.

So, you may want to check with your web developer to see if your website uses the API version or the non-API version of Google Maps and avoid having your map’s go missing!

If you don’t want to get lost in the world of your Google account, we can help you sort everything out and get your maps up and running in no time.

We will be in contact with you in the coming week to provide instructions on how to make sure your map doesn’t disappear.

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Google Map Platform changes