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Logos & Branding

What if I need my logo quickly?

If you have a specific deadline for your logo design project, let us know and we will advise if we can accommodate. The four week timeline is based on allowing time for you to consider each design and take a few days to reply with your feedback.


How many changes can I request?

We allow time for one round of changes within each stationery item purchased. We allow one hour of changes for the Complete Logo Design Package and half an hour of changes in the Logo Refresh Package.

You can request more rounds of changes, however we will always give an outline of costs involved before we action anything out of scope.


How long does it take to get a logo?

We allow four weeks for our Complete Logo Design package, from quote acceptance.  Week one is dedicated to briefing and research, weeks two and three are all about designing and week four is when we prepare final files. We do allow time for you to provide feedback, however we understand that timely feedback isn’t always possible. These delays may push out the four week timeline.


I have no idea what I want for my logo, do I have to have an idea before I come to you?

As designers, we are in the business of generating ideas so, you can come to us armed with an idea, or you can leave it up to us to come up with something unique and wonderful.


Do I need to Copyright my logo?

We encourage you to seek information directly from ipaustralia.gov.au the governing body. While all designs we provide our Clients are entirely unique no designer can provide a legal guarantee of copyright attainability.



What special finishes are available for printing?

You can choose to coat the entire paper stock with gloss, matt or velvet laminate.

You can choose to add spot (flat) areas of gloss or raised (3D) gloss, metallic silver, metallic gold or metallic rose gold. These finishes are subject to recommended design guidelines.

We can also print white ink on certain paper types. If there is something special you have seen or have in mind chat to us and we will provide a specialised quote.


What kind of items can I get printed through you?

We offer quality printing of a variety of different items: Business Cards, Letterheads, With Compliments, Stickers, Pull Up Banners, Folded Brochures, Flyers, Envelopes, Magnets, Posters, Postcards, Presentation Folders, Coasters, Strut Cards, Stapled Booklets – the list goes on!



How long does it take to get a website live?

It will take approximately 8 weeks to have your website designed, developed and tested ready for launch. Delays can occur when text and image content isn’t supplied on time, or feedback is provided late.


If you set up my site can I edit it myself?

Yes! All websites created at Evolution are WordPress websites. We offer training sessions for website owners so that you can learn how to edit the text and images sections of your website by yourself. The WordPress text formatting interface operates with similar icons and functions to Microsoft Word. We take you through how to add images, style text and add links to text, amongst other features.


If you sent up my shop can I add items myself?

Yes! We create online stores through WooCommerce, which is part of your WordPress website. We offer training sessions for website owners so that you can learn how to add and edits products in your online store. There are many features available for products like shipping costs, product weight, sale prices, variations, SKU, stock management, gallery images and descriptions – which we will take you through in detail.


Can I use other websites as inspiration for my own?

Yes, you certainly can. During the research phase of your website project, you can direct us to websites you love that are already online. We will then assess them, see which pieces might be suitable for brand, and use that as inspiration for creating your own website.


Where do I get pictures from?

Authentic, real images are always ideal, however we understand that budgets and circumstances may not allow for authentic pictures to be taken. Online there are websites where you can purchase or download generic stock images. If you choose to download stock images keep in mind that anyone else can also use the same images to represent their brand which may dilute the authenticity of your own brand.

If your budget allows – iStock, Adobe Stock and Shutterstock have images available for purchase.

If you’re after free stock images, here is a great resource we’ve put together.


What if I don’t want to write the words for my website?

Writing lengthy text for your website can be a difficult task that you keep putting off. We’re here to help. Our marketing team has the skills to write customer friendly text for your website as part of our Copywriting Services. This is where we write text for each section of your website so that it is relevant to your brand and speaks to your customers. We can also optimise the text to encourage you to appear in Google rankings for key terms relevant to your business.

What does copywriting include?

If your aim is to rank well on Google, extra Copywriting services might be what you’re after. This is where we write text specifically for each section of your website that is not only optimised for Google but also your potential customers.


What is a privacy policy and do I need one if I’m not tracking my visitors?

Depending on who your website is marketed toward you may be required by law to include policies, conditions and/or agreements on your website. These may include cookie/tracking consent, privacy policy, returns policy, shipping policy, code of conduct, terms and conditions, among others. We strongly advise you to seek your own legal advice when it comes to these matters, particularly if you actively conduct business within Europe. It is your responsibility to advise us if we should accomodate for these on a website we build for you.

Generally speaking, we recommend you have a think about the policies you may require on your website. These inform website visitors on how you track them and how you store information you receive from them. It also stets standards and provides clear expectations on how you do (or are prepared to do) business. You may already have established your companies Terms and Conditions, and your website is a great place to publish them as a central location of access. These resources do not constitute or replace the recommendation for legal advice.


What happens if I want to delete my website/take it down?

There are many pieces to a website that can be cancelled if they are no longer required, this can be completed here.

  • Your website: You may wish to reinstate your website in the future, or repurpose it for another business, we can take a backup of the site that can provide that possibility. Otherwise, if deleted it will be lost forever.
  • Website hosting: If you cancel your hosting service completely, any email addresses that are stored on your hosting server will also cease to exist.
  • Domain Name: If you cancel your domain name any email addresses that are associated with it will also cease to exist. Another person may also register your domain name if you do not retain ownership of it.

Note: If you cancel a hosting, SSL or domain account prior to your expiration date, any months remaining on the registration period are forfeited, as we commit to the licensing for the billed period.



What is hosting?

In the same you way you pay rent for your house, websites also need a space to live. On the plus side, they come with complimentary email addresses. You can review our hosting packages here, and place your hosting order here.


What happens if I exceed my hosting usage?

As part of our management service, we monitor your hosting package usage. If you are likely to or do exceed your packages allocated usage you will be upgraded to the most suitable plan based on the estimated usage at which time we will issue a pro-rata invoice for the upgrade. This mitigates service interruptions resulting from excess usage. We monitor this to the best of our ability as soon as we are made aware of excess usage we will upgrade the plan and contact you.


Does my hosting package include backups of my website and emails?

Yes, your site is backed up 3 times per day if your hosting is ordered through Evolution.


  • Backups of Server (Website & Emails): A complete back up of your server is completed nightly, this is kept on file for 3 weeks.
  • Backups of Website: A minimum of two incremental back-ups per individual client website is completed every day and stored in two separate geographical locations, these are kept on file for 60 days.

If you are on our Website Care Plans, once per month we complete updates to your WordPress and plugin versions and perform testing at which time a backup of your website is take before to ensure any non-compatible updates can be rolled back if testing fails, this is kept on file for 30 days.


Website Care Plans

Why do I need a care plan?

When web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome) release updates your WordPress needs to be updated to adapt to the new software.  Keeping WordPress maintained and up-to-date is vital to the integrity of your website.

You could be at risk of: Loss of website, Loss of data, Loss of revenue, Loss of sales, Loss of sales records, Hassles and fees to re-instate your website files from back-up as an example.


What happens if I don’t subscribe to a care plan?

Although we can never guarantee a site will not be hacked, our Care Plans give you the best chances of avoiding your site being subjected to the awful experience of unauthorised access or loss of data. In the event it does experience unauthorised access, we will immediately lock it down, secure it, repair it, investigate the cause and put further security measures in place to prevent future breaches.


What if my website is very small, a hobby or not for profit business?

We can go in and apply the updates on a quarterly basis, at which time you will be invoiced once per quarter, not per month. However, there may be times when critical updates are released by WordPress and your site becomes vulnerable. At which time we will liaise with you to discuss if/when updates should be applied earlier than scheduled.


What if I don’t want to update the text, images or content on my website?

We get it, you have enough to do and busy enough! If you’d like us to edit the text and images on your website on your behalf a Professional plan is then best for you. You can sent through any edits you wish to make and we will spend up to 30mins per month completing those site edits for you. Anything more will be quoted our hourly rate.


Domain Names

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is also known as your website address or your URL. This is what users type in a browser’s search bar to directly access your website. A domain name is unique and cannot be shared between different sites. for example: www.YourCompanyName.com.au. Learn more, or order a domain name here.


I can’t decide on my domain name, can I have multiple domains going to one website?

Yes, you can! You can own as many domains names as you like. You would choose one primary domain and tell all other domains to go to your primary domain – this is called a redirect. This redirect will allow any visitor that pops onto one of your domains to see your website, which will be located on your primary domain.

It can be a good idea to own multiple domain names that represent your business name. For example, we could own evolutiondesignagency.com.au, evolutiondesign.com.au, evolution.com.au etc. This means that no one else can purchase and own a domain name that is close to our registered business name.


What is an SSL?

In basic terms, an SSL, is a security certificate applied to your website to encrypt information stored on your site, inserted into your site and sent from your site. It is signified by a padlock symbol in the address bar on your browser. If a site doesn’t have a SSL a warning may  It protects your visitors and your company. Learn more, or order a SSL here.


Email Accounts

Are email accounts included in my hosting?

Yes our Hosting plans include complimentary IMAP email addresses. Each of hosting plan comes with a maximum number of included email addresses. Email accounts are managed directly via our wholesaler GravIT.  When your place your hosting order you will be asked to list your desired email addresses. Note: GravIT are our provider for, hosting, domains and SSL Certificates.


Can you set up professional emails for me?

Once you have ordered your new email accounts via your hosting plan order, you will be provided with the contact details for GravIT who will guide you through setting up these email addresses on your devices (mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc). They will provide you with then opportunity to connect to them via remote access and a GravIT team member will install the addresses on each device with your consent. Otherwise you will be provided the necessary logins and instructions to complete the task yourself. Note: GravIT are our provider for, hosting, domains and SSL Certificates.


Are their restrictions on how many emails I can store on my hosting plan?

Yes, your monthly usage must remain within the limits of the package space. As part of our management service, we monitor your Hosting package usage. If you are likely to or do exceed your packages allocated usage you will be upgraded to the most suitable plan based on the estimated usage at which time we will issue a pro-rata invoice for the upgrade. This mitigates service interruptions resulting from excess usage. We monitor this to the best of our ability as soon as we are made aware of excess usage we will upgrade the plan and contact you. Note: GravIT are our provider for, hosting, domains and SSL Certificates.


Are these email accounts POP or IMAP or Microsoft 365?

They are complimentary email accounts included as part of our Hosting packages are IMAP email accounts. IMAP allows you to access your email wherever you are, from any device. When you read an email message using IMAP, you aren’t actually downloading or storing it on your computer; instead, you’re reading it from the email service. As a result, you can check your email from different devices, anywhere in the world: your phone, a computer, a friend’s computer.

IMAP only downloads a message when you click on it, and attachments aren’t automatically downloaded. This way you’re able to check your messages a lot more quickly than POP. Note: GravIT are our provider for, hosting, domains and SSL Certificates.


What if I want a Microsoft 365 Account?

We encourage you to discuss this directly with GravIT or your chosen IT provider. In fact upon ordering your hosting we will ask if this interests you or if you already have a Microsoft 365 Account and facilitate a conversation between you and GravIT directly. Note: GravIT are our provider for, hosting, domains and SSL Certificates.



How long does it take to improve my SEO rankings?

Generally, three months. In the first month we will be performing keyword research and assessing Google data to develop a plan to optimise your website, and then it takes a few months of optimisation to begin to get results. SEO is a long term strategy.

Does SEO include writing or rewriting blogs?

It certainly can! Our SEO Packages assign us with a set number of hours per month that we dedicate to optimising your website. That may include adding extra pages, blogs, and or sections onto your website to encourage more people to find you via search engines. Alternatively you may wish to have your SEO time dedicated to SEO fundamentals and opt for a blog writing service as an add-on or part of a social media package. We can always provide custom packages to combine SEO and Social Media Management services to suit your needs and budget.

If I edit or add words to my website, will this effect my SEO?

A significant component of SEO relates to the text on your website. Our marketing team has the skills to write customer friendly text for your website in a strategic but engaging way, We recommend discussing changes with our team if you want to alter or write new text if you have engaged us to provide you with SEO services, as we want to ensure we’re working towards the same goals and your edits may hinder our efforts. Our strategy will be focused on optimising the text to encourage you to appear in search engine rankings for key terms relevant to your business.

Do you guarantee a number #1 SEO ranking?

Google has a disclaimer on their website which states: “Beware of SEO’s that claim to guarantee rankings, a ‘special relationship’ with Google, or a ‘priority submit’ to Google. There is no priority submit for Google.”

Any company that offers you ‘search engine submission’ services are offering you a service which has not been necessary since the nineties.

Many SEO companies might advertise that they can guarantee #1 ranking, but often what they neglect to inform you is for which key terms they obtain this #1 ranking for. Let’s face it, a #1 ranking for key terms irrelevant to your business or, words rarely searched for, does not assist in promoting your capabilities or services.

However, that does not mean we (or anyone else) cannot achieve a great result for you – just ask our clients.

There is simply no guarantee of a page one position. Don’t be fooled, a #1 ranking promises as they cannot be guaranteed ‘organically’. The only way would be to invest a lot of money in Google Ads and bid for the most popular key term against your competitors. And you’d pay a premium for each click on your Google Ad for that privilege. This is a seperate service not to be confused with SEO.

We DO promise as part of your SEO management campaign is to increase traffic for key terms that people are ACTUALLY searching for, driving GENUINE LEADS to your website.