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Geelong SEO & Social Media Workshops 

Our Social Media, SEO, Marketing and Blogging workshops have been developed for brands who are offering something great, but haven’t had success on their own in breaking through the noise to connect with customers.

You might have already given social media a go and found it overwhelming, or you’ve tried to learn SEO basics online and aren’t seeing results.

If this sounds familiar, Evolution’s digital marketing team has a range of workshops to help you achieve your goals. For social media, choose between Workshop A, which goes through 10 steps to developing your strategy; and Workshop B, is a perfect next step covering building strong relationships with customers online. These can be complete independently but do work well together if you are new to social media. The SEO workshop focuses on improving your organic ranking results (no paid ads), providing you with an exclusive eBook that covers 10 steps to improve your SEO. Then there’s the training we offer on a variety of topics like Blogging, MailChimp and WordPress websites.

Throughout these courses, our marketers will help you feel inspired with a new marketing strategy or valuable skill, and you’ll see immediate benefits as you put the tips into place during the sessions. Most importantly, you’ll leave these workshops with the tools and knowledge to continue to improve and grow in these areas.

Social Workshop A

$825 +gst
  • Discover your business identity – vision, mission, values
  • Discover your ideal target market
  • Develop your brand personality
  • Find the platforms your audience uses
  • Develop your marketing messages
  • Learn The Social Media Key
  • Understand time management
  • Generate engaging content ideas
  • Know your competition
  • BONUS hot tips & tricks.

Social Workshop B

$825 +gst
  • Set and prioritise marketing goals
  • Create engaging content
  • Identify what you want from your audience
  • Ensure your brand is in alignment with your audience
  • Create a posting schedule
  • Create a monthly marketing checklist
  • Monitor your competitors and industry
  • Marketing do’s and don’ts
  • Test & measure your strategy
  • Start to implement all your marketing (online & offline)
  • BONUS hot tips & tricks

SEO Workshop

$1,050 +gst
  • Learn what SEO is all about
  • Understand terminology
  • Practice techniques to improve your website ranking
  • Learn the ‘do’s and don’ts’
  • Save money, DIY your own SEO
  • Debunk and overcome the mysteries of SEO
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Yoast SEO installation
  • Keyword research and optimisation
  • Backlinks, social and directory listings
  • How to blog for SEO
  • Together we will optimise your website’s pages, and images

Social Media Training

$150 +gst

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

  • Discover the most popular platforms for your target audience
  • How to use these platforms effectively for business
  • Learn where most businesses fail on Social and how to ensure your business succeeds
  • Receive engaging content ideas that we all like and connect with
  • How to use platforms effectively for business
  • The most important sections to focus on, and how to enhance your profile
  • How to ensure you remain authentic
  • How to use the platforms to your advantage
  • A checklist of 20 top tips


$825 +gst

4 hour session

  • Learn the power of blogging
  • Learn what your ‘Keywords’ are for your industry
  • Time saving and scheduling tips
  • Learn how to write an effective blog
  • Receive engaging content ideas that we all like and connect with
  • Plan an entire 12 months worth of blogging topics
  • How to blog for SEO

Other Training

$150 +gst
  • WordPress Training
  • Goal Setting (Marketing)
  • Brand Coaching
  • MailChimp training
  • By the hour SEO training

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  • Competitor analysis
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