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Strategic Branding Design Geelong

As Geelong’s most established strategic branding design agency, we’ve been in the game long enough (25+ years) to appreciate that building strong brand foundations is not something everyone values. This step is ideal for businesses who want to make a big impact.

Generally, these businesses have been in business a while and understand a brand is more than a logo. They’ve been a little fish, but now they’re ready to take on the world.

So, if this sounds like you, and you’re looking for an agency who gets it and will passionately connect you with your ‘why’, dive deep and extract a unique brand essence to take your brand to your market and get real attention, we’re here for it.

After all, 77% of consumers buy from brands who share the same values.

Our strategic branding design packages are delivered through a combination of brand strategy consultations and refined branding workshops. These workshops can be held at the Evolution Studio, which is located in the heart of Geelong, with Lisa (our Creative Director), or if your premises is suitable, they can be conducted on-site at your workplace.

These sessions are just the beginning of our synergistic approach to branding. In collaboration with you, we define your vision, mission and values, brand personality, target market  identification, perform a competitor analysis and more.

Our engaging, approach will answer many strategic questions in a non-obtrusive conversational manner. And you’ll have fun to, we promise!

Perfected over many years, our methodology is designed to produce a comprehensive brand strategy (and action plan included) to magnetically attract the right clients to your door. Delivering measurable results for your brand! So, if this is the outcome you’re looking for, and you’re keen to step up in business, get in touch today.