Web Developer

Advanced Diploma in Information Technology

Meet Arjay, a seasoned web developer with a passion for coding that took root at the age of just 16. He boasts an impressive 12-year journey in the dynamic world of web development. Beyond the lines of code, Arjay is a proud dad to Evie, his loved golden retriever.

Outside the digital realm, Arjay’s creativity extends to the streets where he likes to capture moments through the lens of his vintage film cameras. When he’s not crafting websites, you’ll find him exploring the world, one snapshot at a time, in pursuit of the perfect shot. Arjay embodies the perfect blend of tech-savvy professionalism and a soul deeply connected to the artistry of life.


  • I am most passionate about continuous self-improvement
  • My favourite social media platform is Reddit
  • I am always up for a chance to learn and experience something new and unfamiliar
  • My favourite movie is The Shawshank Redemption
  • My favourite TV series is Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul
  • My favourite music is defiantly classic hard rock and progressive metal
  • My favourite activities and hobbies include street photography using film cameras and vintage gear.