Celebrating 16 Years in Business Today!

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August 2015

Today we celebrate an amazing 16 years in business.

Its difficult to believe (it truly doesn’t feel like THAT long ago) that sixteen years ago on August 26th 1999 I took my first official order for a business card design. Back then I had named the business Attention Print and Design, no one really got the name and the philosophy behind it.

The philosophy was, in producing printed items (which was what I specialised in back then, business cards, flyers, posters and the like) my clients intention was to attract ‘attention‘ to their brand.

Yeah… needless to say the name was confusing and it didn’t really take off. Back then there would have been no more than 10 designers in the Yellow Pages (yes we still used it back then), so there wasn’t as much competition in the industry as there is today. Most of us didn’t have internet at home, let alone the need for a website!

A website back in 1999 was little more than a coloured background with some text links and a few images (if you were lucky). Many of us barely had mobile phones, let alone the internet in our homes. And when we did get internet the dial up speed would take a long while to display anything, hence the need for very small basic graphics on websites. Well that’s enough reminiscing about simpler times… how the heck did we cope running our business back then; well many of us did of course and we are still here today!

And a few re-naming’s and re-branding’s later and…WOW! Hasn’t my business evolved over the years! I am sure many of you business owners that have been around a while can relate to my story.

Today, not only has our list of services expanded to meet today’s technology, our team has grown to five members all specialising in various areas from Graphic Design, Web Design and Web Development, SEO and Social Media.

It’s all thanks to you (our clients)! We have been lucky enough to maintain a great relationship with many of our clients over the years, some of which have remained with us since day one. Which gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that we are doing something great! 🙂

Today our list of services has grown to include:


Logos & Branding

Marketing Strategies

Graphic Design

It wouldn’t be possible without our clients – THANK YOU all for your continued loyalty and support,



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