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January 2024

Pantone colour of the year “Peach Fuzz” is all the rage right now, and it’s got our graphic senses tingling.

Based on the Graphic Design predictions for 2024, our talented Evolution Graphic Designers have shared their votes on each trend, giving us valuable insight and expert advice on whether or not following these trends will be right for your brand.

From innovative techniques to hints from the past, join us as we unveil the top Graphic Design trends for 2024 that are bound to inspire your brands’ creativity.


Nostalgic Retro

Nostalgic Retro

In the fast-paced world of design, trends come and go, but some aesthetics manage to stand the test of time and remain relevant across generations. A timeless trend, Nostalgic Retro, will help consumers transport into a place of comfort and happiness. To “better carefree times. Unlocking the emotional connection to positive memories and emotions.

This style incorporates elements and motifs of the past, into contemporary designs.

Incorporated use of a fluro colour palette, the vibrant colours will make designs stand out in a fresh, modern way. By combining an old-school charm with modern aspects, the retro design captures the essence of a past era while appealing to current audiences.


Lisa: Absolutely, as long as it aligns with your brand’s personality. But keep in mind, there’s a delicate balance between executing it effectively and coming off as outdated.

Becca: In keeping with a brand’s style and vision a vintage aesthetic can create uniqueness and individuality, so a yes from me!

Rosie: I don’t think Nostalgic Retro will ever lose its popular status. It mixes the past with the present and gives us a sense of comfort.


Playful Cartoon Illustrations and Stickers

Playful Cartoon Illustrations and Stickers

Let your creativity run free and embrace the look of hand-drawn, spontaneous illustrations to help outline your brand’s sense of character, authenticity and personality. Playful hand-drawn designs add a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness, adding that obvious human touch that stands out in a world saturated with animation and AI.


Lisa: If there is a creative vibe to your brand, then I absolutely think it should be embraced!

Becca: Yes, I do believe illustrative design features can be a great way to incorporate your design style executed in a playful way. There are many ways in which you can base them on your needs including corporate, retro mascots, animated and realism just to name a few.

Rosie: Yes! This is such a fun way to engage with your audience and can be designed specifically to suit your brand.


3D Design

3D Design

3D designs have seen an increase in detail and use every year, and it’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. With the effect being so hard to achieve years ago, we now have more accessible programs to help us achieve 3D design to it’s full potential, meaning we can expect to see this more often in our day-to-day visual communication.

3D designs have a high appeal to a younger demographic, especially when paired with bold bright colours, as they bring a more playful approach to your brand.


Lisa: The past few years has seen the inclusion of 3D graphic styles particularly noticeable in the promotion of free-to-air TV channels and programmes, often further enhanced by animation. With mass audience, their influence in shaping style trends cannot be overstated. I predict the adaption of AI, will open up 3D design to exciting possibilities for even more dynamic visual experiences across all forms of visual media.

Becca: Current trending 3D graphic styles have been rising in popularity within design with a focus on typographic elements, metallic textures and illustrative features so I would vote yes for this trend.

Rosie: Hearing the increase in interest and use amongst popular brands I do see this becoming a request in high demand.




Typography remains a vital element in graphic design. While text is primarily used to convey a message, designers are pushing the limits and creating eye-catching designs with wordmark lettering.

Don’t feel like the need for graphics is necessary to show off your brand’s personality. With the millions of typefaces available, there is sure to be one that perfectly suits your brand, including many handwritten style typefaces to add a personal, creative and unique touch.

Why not add some extra character to the letterform and make a statement? Expressive Type will be your way to achieve this.

Feeling a ‘less-is-more’ style is better suited for your brand? Simple Type is always a classic, minimalistic type-only design which trends towards highly legible and memorable branding.


Lisa: Yes! Always a yes. A simple classic typeface is often timeless.

Becca: No doubt! This will always be a trending feature within design. Many different businesses and/or clients can utilise Typographic elements in their Visual Identity as it is the most versatile design choice.

Rosie: Absolutely – The power of typography and what can be achieved is amazing.


Thinking it’s time to refresh your look?

Some brands may update, refresh or rebrand more frequently than others. Some are more significantly influenced by trends as their audiences expect them to remain modern at all times. Most brands refresh every 5 years or so, however, you may find that a regular refresh with a few small tweaks that are almost seamless, is a better option for you. If your brand is set to remain untouched for a significant amount of time, this could be the way you keep up with a timeless brand.

We know that staying ahead of the curve can be tricky, especially when you have a million other tasks in the back of your mind when running your business.

Our team at Evolution have a wide range of services available to help keep you on trend. Whether it’s a brand refresh or a complete logo package, our experienced Graphic Design Team have got you covered.

As 2024 unfolds, we’re excited to see how on-trend our designers are. Will they get it right? We may have to write another blog in 12 months to find out!


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Signed by Renae

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