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March 2015

In three days time I will experience a life changing event. It’s not often in life we know the exact moment of something ‘life changing’ will occur. It suddenly hit me; I’ve been wanting to write this post (for almost two weeks! I know I’m a few days late posting), knowing my topic, but what would I call it… then I thought that’s just it – it’s life changing.

But is it…

I was at a seminar where I was speaking to about 50 business owners in Geelong last week and one business owner asked me if I would be available to provide them with mentoring next week, I had to say no “I’m getting married on Saturday then going on my honeymoon, so taking some time off work” then he asked “Will you be changing your name” and I replied “Yes I will, I will be Lisa Hein”. The business owner looked worried, “But if you change your name, how will I find you?” this question took me by surprise and I guess was the inspiration for this post. I will still be the same person, my business name will remain the same, my phone numbers will remain the same, my email will remain the same, it’s just my surname.

I’ve been Lisa Dale since I began as a designer in Geelong in February 2001. That’s now over 14 years working in the design industry and being known as Lisa Dale. So I guess I can understand where the business owners concern was coming from…

In December 2012 I re-branded my business to Evolution Design Agency, I did this for a number of reasons.

  1. I had had a team, it wasn’t just me anymore and I didn’t feel like it was fair to others to work under the Lisa Dale brand,
  2. I wanted growth and potential for my business to be sold in the (very distant) future when I retire and the Lisa Dale brand was not a viable name anymore
  3. I hoped I wouldn’t always be Lisa Dale, I hoped that one day I might marry and the name would no longer be relevant.

If your business is Your Name, (or your thinking of using your name in your business name) I hope my reasons for changing mine give you something to consider…

So why after all these years as a designer (and reputation building) would I change my name?

My businesses mission is “To inspire the evolution of your business”, and like my business; I have evolved. I met the love of my life two years ago and I know there are women who don’t change their surname when the marry but I want to have the same name as my husband and future children. It’s a choice. And I know it’s the right choice for me.

So you will know me as Mrs Lisa Hein as of Saturday 21st of March.

Invitation - Front

Your wedding day is obviously an exception to the notion that we don’t usually know when something life changing will occur. An incredible amount of planning is involved in such a day. And when you’re putting everything together (if you don’t already know by experience) trust me – you know it’s BIG! And in four days time that’s exactly what will be happening – I will be marrying the love of my life. It will be a momentous event, the celebration of celebrations for John and I.

It is a life changing event… though our lives won’t really change all that drastically, we will still live in the same home, I will still work as Lisa at Evolution Design Agency – I will still be me; I will just be known from that day forward as; Lisa Hein 🙂

Thanks-for Reading-Lisa

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