What content should you post on each social media marketing platform?

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August 2021

Social media is a great way to reach your target audience. But getting them to your social channels doesn’t mean your work is done. Posting interesting and relevant content is what will make them stick around and forge a connection with your business, and perhaps make that all-important purchase.

No two social media platforms are alike. Each appeals to an individual audience, who use each one in different ways. For instance, you might use YouTube to look at cute cat videos, and Instagram to keep tabs on your high school boyfriend. So, it makes sense that the top 6 social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube – favour different types of content.

The success of your social media marketing depends heavily on posting the right content in the right place. But how do you know what type of content works best on each social media platform? It requires research, which can be very time-consuming when you’re busy running a business.

Don’t stress, we’ve done the hard yards for you. Read on to find out what type of content you should post on each social media platform.


  1. Instagram

Photos, graphics & short videos

Number of monthly active users: 1 billion
Largest age group: 25-34 (33.1%)
Gender: 57% female, 43% male
Average time spent per day: 29 minutes

No big revelations here, Instagram favours beautiful, aesthetic photos, graphics, and short videos. Each individual post makes up your ‘grid’ which should also look good as a whole. You can also post stories that disappear after a certain amount of time, so you can share fun, engaging content that you don’t necessarily want to commit to the grid for eternity. Like your office Christmas party trip to Karaoke.

For businesses, personal or behind-the-scenes content generally gets the most likes. You can showcase your workplace, your team, activities, and achievements. People are naturally curious and enjoy having a sticky beak into how you do things.

Text-based graphics are very popular too, whether that looks like inspirational quotes, educational content, or tongue-in-cheek memes will depend on your business and target audience.

Special offers codes, competitions, and giveaways (like & follow!) can also generate good engagement on Instagram.

With the introduction of Reels, video is becoming more popular, but these need to be under 60 seconds. So short DIYs or makeup tutorials can work well, but an in-depth, step-by-step of how to fix your mower may be more suited to another platform.


  1. Facebook

Photos, graphics, videos, text updates, links to articles & blog posts

Number of monthly active users: 2.7 billion
Largest age group: 25-34 (26.3%)
Gender: 44% female, 56% male
Time spent per day: 38 minutes

Pretty much anything goes on Facebook. You can post photos, videos, text & links.

The video length limit is 2 hours so there’s pretty much no limit to what you can post, this could include product explainer videos, animations, presentations, slideshows, and live videos.

Text updates with links to informative blog posts or articles relevant to your audience can be very effective. Images will pull from the link you post so you don’t even need to add one.

Again, personal or behind-the-scenes content, photos & videos generally get the most engagement here too.


  1. Linkedin

Photos, graphics, videos, text updates, links to articles & blog posts

Number of total users: 738 million
Largest age group: 46-55
Gender: 51% male, 49% female
Time spent per day: 63% of LinkedIn users access the network monthly, and 22% weekly

Linkedin is a bit like Facebook in a business suit. Photos, videos, text updates, and links are all great content to share here. The general theme is business, so this platform isn’t really appealing directly to consumers, rather to companies and employers. It’s perfect for job ads, industry articles, and blog posts.

You know the drill by now, sharing content that is personal to your business, such as company news, your working culture, and achievements, will generate the most engagement. Just remember to keep the tone professional and appropriate (no LOLs here).


  1. Twitter

Text updates, links to articles & blog posts, photos, graphics & GIFs

Number of daily active users: 187 million
Largest age group: 30-49 (44%)
Gender: 32% female, 68% male
Time spent per day: 3.53 minutes per session

What used to be 140 characters or less has evolved to include links with previews, videos, photos, and gifs.

Twitter is generally used by its audience to stay on top of news and events. This makes Twitter a great place for sharing articles, news, or any pressing updates about your company, industry, products, and other relevant areas that are interesting for your followers.

Twitter is also great to promote your blog content. Choose a memorable extract from your post, attach a photo or GIF, add a link, and tweet away.


  1. Pinterest

Photos, graphics & infographics

Number of monthly active users: 400+ million
Largest age group: 30-49
Gender: 78% female, 22% male
Time spent per day: 14.2 minutes

Pinterest is a platform to collect ideas, information, or inspiration. You can create Pin Boards, collections of images about specific topics. You can pin other people’s photos to your Boards. And others can pin your photos to their Boards. It’s a visual platform, so your content must be image-based and aesthetic.

Infographics and visual how-tos are big on Pinterest. If applicable to your business, you should create infographics on your key topics and share them to Pinterest. Users can then repin them to their boards, websites & blogs, widening the reach of your content.


  1. YouTube

Do you need me to say it? Videos!

Number of monthly active users: 2 billion
Largest age group: 15-25
Gender: 72% of all female internet users and 72% of all male internet users
Time spent per day: 41.9 minutes among viewers 18 and older

If video marketing is a part of your digital marketing strategy, YouTube is the best place to post. It’s the go-to website for watching videos.

Of course, cute animal videos are the most-watched on YouTube. If you think you can compete with that, try product explainer videos, step-by-step guides, tutorials, or vlogs (video blogs). Un-boxing videos and shopping haul videos are astonishingly popular. Educational videos (such as Ted Talks etc) also do very well on YouTube.


So now you know what to post to your socials. But where does the content come from? Or the time to create and post that content?

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