Why Connection is the new Currency

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October 2020

News Flash: The world is divided.

I can confidently say that it’s unlikely anyone reading this post hasn’t: been impacted by Covid19, witnessed division among fellow humans on Facebook, or chosen to nod politely when someone has tried to present their opposing views on the demands, political and otherwise, on us as a society during this strange time in our lives.

In one way or another it’s highly likely you have felt or been impacted by some form of division in our community, and in the world, because heightened emotions and opinions are being shared on platforms that haven’t existed in previous crises events.

That’s one thing we can all agree on, right?!

So, while general communication has been tested and new methods tried (pretty sure most of us have increased your Video Calling or been in a Zoom meeting or two by now), we are beginning to evolve our forms of communication in an attempt to remain as connected as we can to friends and loved ones.

As a consequence, this has surged our screen time, but what’s the alternative? Really, the only way to remain connected right now to our fellow humans, friends, family is through technology.


Digital Addiction to Digital Dependence

This screen time increase would, prior to covid-times, be classed as Digital Device Addiction. This rise in society’s Digital Dependence has almost become accepted, with Zoom facilitating the only convenient and legal form of face-to-face contact for many of us.


Overcoming isolation

So, what about the quality of the screen time we are absorbing? It is having an impact, but are you honestly being that discerning?

This demonstrates our need for connection is stronger than the fear of being addicted to devices, or the long-term effects of digital screen time. At least for now.

It’s heart-warming to know that as humans our connection to each other is still ever so vital and imperative, and being consciously prioritised.

Now, we must all focus on connection more than ever before.

Connection is becoming more valuable, because it has been threatened. Without it we are lonely, isolated more than the restrictions placed upon us can cause. Connection is a vital commodity, and it’s now consciously fought for as we realise how imperative it is to our survival.


Emotional Connection in Marketing

So, how is this relevant to business? How do we maintain connection when we are closed, masks are covering our faces, and we’re having to remain 1.5 meters away?

Number one tip: do not stop marketing!

COVID19 has caused a 74% increase in social media traffic, as a direct result of the increase in unemployment and many employees working from home.

Now is NOT the time to go MIA on social media, regardless of whether your business is open for business or not.



Now more than ever due to self-isolation and social distancing, people want to hear from you, be inspired by you, be educated by you and be connected to you.

And as a Digital Agency owner myself, I implore you to connect beyond zoom and video conferencing. Use every digital platform at your disposal because you have the opportunity to create connection through every piece of content you distribute to your audience of potential customers.

Through language, visuals, graphics, and through your brands personality, the message you’re relaying is now more important than ever before.

You must connect on a certain level of resonance where the viewer of your content feels that warm, fuzzy, emotional pull towards you as the creator. You want them to think “Oh I totally feel that way too!” or “Wow I need to speak to them now!”

Connection is not only valued in interpersonal relationships. We are becoming more discerning as consumers and we want to buy local more than ever to support our fellow business owners.

With all the division we’re facing in the world, customers want to feel connection with a brand. At the moment they have more time on their hands to absorb more information before making buying decisions right now. Everyone wants to feel connected; and customers want to trust that their needs are understood!

Humans make decisions all day long; decisions that are emotionally driven, and every buying choice is an emotional decision.

So, how do you connect in such a way with those who want to do business with, with enough impact to entice them to buy from you, or at least make contact?

You have to be present, and connect in every way you can.


Be engaging, or be left in the dust

We live in a time when consumers are spoiled for choice.

Regardless of the niche you’re in – it’s unlikely that you could search the world for someone who doesn’t do what you do or doesn’t sell what you sell. So how do you overcome this? Through your communication. Be unique. Stand out in all the right ways and speak to your audience in an authentic way, unlike any other brand. Know your audience, who are they and what they want from you, beyond the product or service you provide.

They’ll be enticed and you will have made their buying decision an easy, positive choice.


Quality connections, means dependant customers

In our new world, where communities are divided, opposing opinions are strong and our ability to connect is threatened, you need to be making and sharing quality content with your audiences so they know you are there for them when they need you. People want to hear from you, be inspired by you, be educated by you and be connected to you.

Done well, the connection you build through digital platforms now can ensure that when you re-open, customers are ready to book-in and buy because they haven’t forgotten you. You’ve remained connected, present and front of mind.

Now, more than ever we must remain connected.

Reach out if it’s overwhelming and you’d like our help, we are here to support you.



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Stats source: sproutsocial.com/brandsgetreal

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