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January 2015

On my last last blog post (Socially speaking; Content may be King, but engagement is Queen!) I mentioned that next time I would provide some answers on how to post resonating content to inspire, educate and motivate your target market.

Remember The key to engaging your audience (achieving likes, comments and shares) is to: Post resonating content to inspire, educate and motivate your target market, who will then engage with your social media presence, trust your brand and try you products and services.

Finding out exactly who your target market is, is something I love to do with clients. During mentoring sessions we go through the following steps together and by the end of it, clients have a real understanding of how to use Social Media effectively. Remembering Social Media is not a sales tool. It is a lead tool if anything.

Step 1 – Know Who Your Business is

Knowing exactly what your business stands for is vital. Establishing your business Vision, Mission and Values, comes first. From there your brands personality can be created and you will know exactly how to speak to your audience.

Step 2 – Know your Target Market

It’s impossible to connect with your audience without knowing who they are. I mean really knowing them, their age, gender, family and financial situation. Imagine your ideal customer. Where do they hang out, what do they do for fun, what are their challenges and most importantly, how do you solve a problem for them?

Step 3 – Create or Locate Content to Engage Your Audience

It important you know what to post to encourage engagement. Remember in my last blog post I spoke about posting resonating content to inspire, educate and motivate your target market, who will then engage with your social media presence, trust your brand and try you products and services. To be Seen > Liked> Trusted > Tried > Talked about

Here are some content ideas to get you started.

Data (write-up on blog and link to that)
• Facts & figures
• Research, studies, case studies
• Infographics (pin to your Pinterest)
• White papers, eBooks, downloadables

Tips & quotes
• Inspiring words, quotes an sayings using images (pin to your Pinterest)
• Check-lists or tutorials (link to your blog)

Images, video, audio (pin on Pinterest from your blog)
• Text over images (use Canva – it’s free)
• Short loop video (Instagram & Vine) and post to YouTube channel
• Showcase TED or other videos (YouTube)
• Post/tweet from Instagram, Vine (then load onto blog)
• Share to other platforms from Instagram

Events, podcasts and articles/blogs (write-up on blog and link to that)
• Promote markets, festivals, fairs, plays, conferences/seminars, retreats, art shows, exhibitions, launches, fashion parades, activities
• Link to articles, other blogs you read, great podcasts, eBooks, webinars

Personal stories (write-up on blog and link to that)
• Give your audience an insight into you/your business/your brand
• Real stories get great traction and engagement
• Real images, behind the scenes get great results

Polls and competitions (link to blog for competition details)
• Survey your audience using a poll, perfect for market research and product development
• Run a competition to promote followers/likes, engagement and to encourage familiarity and desire for your product/services (using Kontest, Rafflecopter, Tabsite)

Product/service info (write-up on blog and link to that)
• Whilst this content is what you want them to know about (all the time), you will spend the least time posting about it!
• Details of new products/packages/retreats/services with images if possible.

3 Tips to remember when posting:

  1. Ensure at least one posts is relevant to each buyer persona each week.
  2. Post text, images, video and links every week to keep it interesting.
  3. Provide a combination of blog posts to interest both locals and prospective buyers.

20 Things we all crave:

  1. Reminds us that life is short
  2. Reminds us that dreams can come true
  3.  Gives us faith to believe for bigger things
  4. Reminds us that we matter
  5. Reminds us of the overlooked or forgotten basics
  6. Life has unexpected twists
  7. Tells us a story
  8. Takes us along on a journey
  9. Inspires us to action
  10. Makes us laugh or smile
  11. Makes us cry (tears of joy or sadness)
  12. Reveals secrets
  13. Surprises us
  14. Encourages us to never give up
  15. Reminds us that we are one-of-a- kind and encourages us to live that way
  16. Reminds us that there is more
  17. Confirms or challenges our assumptions
  18. Educates while entertaining us
  19. David defeats Goliath
  20. A fresh point of view even about common things

Dates to remember:

  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day
  • New Years Eve/Day
  • Australia Day (26 Jan)
  • Back To School
  • Valentine’s Day (14 Feb)
  • Autumn (1 Mar)
  • Easter
  • School Holidays
  • Mother’s Day
  • Winter
  • Ski Season start/end
  • End Of Financial Year (30 Jun)
  • Spring
  • Father’s Day
  • AFL/NRL Finals
  • Spring Racing
  • Halloween
  • Summer

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Need more?

If you would like some ideas specific to your business please contact me or leave a comment below I would like to hear from you.


Thanks-for Reading-Lisa