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September 2015

On September 17th I had the pleasure of co-facilitating a Marketing Workshop with Coach, Behavioural Profiler and Keynote Speaker, Sarah Valentine. This was Marketing 101 with more specific marketing workshops planned for the future.

Offline Marketing

Sarah’s presentation provided attendees with some insights and tips for Offline Marketing, how to speak to and attract your target market. Through language, colour and tips to discover where they are most likely to ‘hang out’.

Knowing which colours speak to your market can be a subliminal way of influencing your audiences buying choices. You can find more information on this topic here

Online Marketing


Topics I covered were SEO – Hello! Where are you? as part of this attendees were shown the importance of creating a Google+ page particularly for those with a physical location, we discussed how this impacts your Google search (SEO) results.We delved a little deeper into some basic SEO tips, but really only just hit the tip of the iceberg as this topic is huge and there is so much more to cover than the workshop time allowed.

Next up was Social Media -Is Social Media for you? it is important for any business owner to focus their time on Marketing that will provide a return on investment (ROI). Focusing on all social media platforms is not always a good use of time. I provided tips on how to discover where your target market hangs out on social media to ensure the platform(s) you choose to market on is the best fit for your business.

Finally, Blogging – Get the blog over it! Now for those who know me well you would have heard me harp on about blogging (quite a bit!). A blog is a worthwhile investment for most businesses, however (as with most things) you’ll only get out what you put in. The top reasons for blogging include: Blogging attracts 60% more customers, it positions you as an expert in your industry, it is INCREDIBLE for SEO (increasing your ranking and being found in Google), it builds trust with potential customers and demonstrates your generosity in sharing your knowledge.

Here are some links to some past blog posts where I provided some great resources to answer the top three things clients often say to me when I ask if they would like a blog on their website are:

Feedback on the Marketing Workshop:

“Very informative – reinforced and extended what I already knew. Blogging information was very good!” – Andrea Orchard, Annie’s Provedore

“Loved It – Well Done :)” – Jennie Nelson, Sargeants Geelong

“Great work, you gave a broad spectrum of marketing online” – Antoinette Blair, Blair Bookkeeping

“Awesome!!!!” – Kerri, Drysdale Home Timber & Hardware

“Congratulations Lisa! – FANTASTIC! There is so much to cover with this topic. For me, now, back to my team to make sure this is happening and in place” – Naomi, Surf Junction

“Loved your presentation, very clear. You were smiley and happy. Good explanation of so much information” – Dee Gibson, Numerologist, Psychic & Author

“Valuable information, especially regarding blogging, SEO, copyright, replying to reviews and lots more. Making marketing more streamlined and effective: Thanks! Great job!” – Raffaela.

I look forward to seeing you at a future workshop,

Thanks-for Reading-Lisa