What you need to know about SEO when Google is forever changing

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October 2015

Google was built for users not computers – to be the direct answer to a question.

With technology rapidly changing, so does the way we search for goods and services. No longer are we confined to typing a word or a couple of words into Google to find what we are looking for.

Now we have Siri and other voice activated search options as well as Google and it’s changing the way SEO works.

Gone are the days of stuffing lots of keywords into a webpage or creating irrelevant content to drive people to sales sites. Society is information crazy and when we want it, we want it relevant and we want it now!

Did you know each day 20% of the search terms typed into Google have never been searched before? This is because we are searching for more specific answers to our specific questions.

So how does this impact your website and SEO efforts?

This is actually a good thing for sites that host quality information.

If you choose to go it alone here are a few pointers to get you going.

Google will rank you based upon trust, authority and relevance. I know these terms are very vague so this is what that means:

  • Trust – High quality content and backlinks from reputable sources.
  • Authority – Overall strength in the market. Pure numbers. Social media followers, social shares, backlinks.
  • Relevance – Relevance of keywords and supporting keyword phrases. Most useful in highly competitive markets

The top ten factors to achieve these three things are:

  1. Word count
  2. Relevant keywords on page
  3. Responsive design
  4. User signals such as click through rate, time on site, bounce rate, social share and mentions
  5. Domain SEO visibility – how strong is domain based on links and authority
  6. Site speed
  7. Referring domains which is number of legit sites linking back to your site
  8. Keywords in internal links
  9. Content readability
  10. Number of images

Then it’s simple, if your competitors have more of the above items, they will rank higher than you. This is why it is critical to work with a reputable company and devise a strategy to move forward with, targeting these key areas rather than just stabbing in the dark and writing more and more irrelevant content. Who would have thought that article you read and loved so decided to share on Facebook and Twitter would have an impact on Google rankings.

As you can see SEO is no longer only based on keywords. Content is King (your strategy) and Marketing is Queen (your tactics) and your users will control how Google views your relevance so give them what they want.

If you want to see how your business could benefit from some SEO or a digital strategy moving forward the first thing we recommend is that you undertake one of our Kickstarter reports. This report will give you a great overall picture of where your website is viewed by search engines both stand alone and compared to your competitors.

We then look at the keywords you could be targeting, not the ones that everyone else is targeting but the ones that people are searching for but not many people are providing the information.

This is all put together in a detailed report which looks at your full online presence.

From here we may recommend a package to help you improve your SEO organically or we can train you to do it yourself with the option of us running reports on a quarterly basis to see where your improvements and opportunities are.

I trust this helps make optimising your website for Google a bit easier! If you would like us to handle it for you, contact us on 03 5222 3328 and let’s have a chat…